Gauntlet’s Risk Updates on Arbitrum

Gauntlet has been managing our partner’s deployments (or evaluating planned deployments) on Arbitrum since December of 2022. Since then, we’ve submitted numerous proposals focused on ensuring our partners understand and execute risk tradeoffs that aligns with their risk appetite. As these partners contribute/will contribute a large amount to Arbitrum’s TVL, we are spinning up this thread to keep the community informed of our ongoing work to mitigate insolvency risk and drive capital efficiency.

To date, here is a breakdown of Arbitrum-related work:

We will continue to update this thread with further Arbitrum-related risk updates. We welcome any questions or community feedback.


Thanks for all of your continued work in making a safe defi ecosystem!

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Thanks for the continued updates and feedbacks.

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Thanks for the good work and transparency! It’s super helpful to have an overview on what is going on in the ecosystem. Appreciate it.

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