Governing the Future of NFTs with Arbitrum and Rarible: Delegate Opportunity

Calling all Arbitrum, NFT & governance lovers! The Rarible ecosystem is actively building with the Arbitrum ecosystem and invite you to contribute with us via the Delegate Launchpad program.

RARI Foundation (growing the ecosystem of Rarible Protocol and RARI Chain) is running the second cohort of the program and we’d love to have aspiring or existing delegates from the Arbitrum community join our delegate ranks.


This program is an opportunity for the Arbitrum and RARI Foundation communities to deepen our existing collaboration.

If we can build together, we can govern together, to help shape the future of NFTs in both ecosystems and the broader industry.

Program details:

  1. 15 eligible candidates selected: Individuals will get delegated a total of 30,000 veRARI to boost their contributions to the RARI DAO.
  2. Application via Google Form: Interested candidates must apply via this form until January 23nd, 11:59pm EST.
  3. Former Program Recipients Welcome: Individuals who have previously participated in our programs may apply. Your prior engagement with RARI Foundation is valued, and this opportunity is open to all, regardless of past involvement.
  4. Transparent Selection Process: The selection of recipients will be conducted publicly, with the current delegates actively participating in the decision-making process.
  5. Onboarding Requirement: Finalists selected for delegation must complete an onboarding process to qualify for the veRARI delegations.
  6. Delegation Lock and Cliff: The selected recipients will be granted a total of 30,000 veRARI tokens. These tokens will be locked for a duration of 13 weeks, with a 14-week cliff period to encourage long-term commitment and engagement.

P.S. Since applications close tomorrow, please know we will run future cohorts with additional delegation opportunities if timing is tight. Thanks for your interest!

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