GovHack Day 3 Community Voting - Top 5 GovHack Teams

Top 5 Finalists

Huge congratulations to Teams 5, 8, 11, 13, and 20 for making it to the top 5! :fire: :blue_heart: :orange_heart::fire:

Community to select the winners on Day 3

Here’s a video recording of what is going to happen tomorrow on Day 3 :point_down:

tl;dr - Tomorrow is the Open Community Day, and these 5 teams are welcomed to pitch their proposals in person to the audience, and get scored there and then by everyone in attendance. More details on how scoring will be done will be explained tomorrow before the pitches.

For teams that did not make the top 5 - We are here to help and want you to keep building

Despite having to pick the top 5 finalists, the judges all agreed that the 23 submissions received were of high quality, and would definitely be valuable to build out for the DAO. If your team is not part of the 5 finalists, we encourage you to continue hacking and building out your proposal, and if you need any help, feel free to reach out to anyone from Hack Humanity, the Foundation, any active contributors, as well as delegates in the room you can find time with.

Closing Thoughts for Days 1 and 2

The Hack Humanity team led by @KlausBrave, the Foundation and Offchain Labs were really encouraged by the turnout, quality (and quantity) of conversations and proposals, and, most importantly, the strengthening of relationships and trusts between DAO members that has happened in the past 2 days. We hope this has been a great experience thus far, and we welcome any feedback on this governance hackathon, and how we could potentially run the next one better.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Congratulations :fire::rocket: totally deserved :clap::clap::clap:

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Team 20 on the move!!! :blue_heart: :rocket: