GovHack - ETHDenver powered by Hack Humanity

The Arbitrum Foundation and Hack Humanity are co-hosting a 3-day Governance Bootcamp and Open Community showcase during the week prior to ETHDenver!

Dates: February 26 - 28th

Link to register: Arbitrum GovHack · Luma

GovHack is a unique opportunity to roll up your sleeves and work side by side with fellow Arbitrum contributors to build workstreams, design frameworks and ultimately ship proposals IRL. Form new friendships and collaborations with like-minded folks along the way!

Why GovHack

The ArbitrumDAO has been operational for the past 10 months, and we have witnessed the rise of active contributors who have fostered connections through public forums, telegram groups, and governance calls with a single motive:

  • How can the DAO work together to build a better Arbitrum?

While virtual collaboration has its merits, there’s nothing quite like the value of face-to-face meetings to build camaraderie, hash out actionable insights, and collectively refine objectives that will help achieve the shared mission.

GovHack Goals

  1. Accelerate how we work together as a DAO and an ecosystem.
  2. Build deeper human relationships & support systems amongst DAO contributors.
  3. Identify and take action on cross-collaboration opportunities.
  4. Attract DAO curious bystanders to learn more and get their hands dirty.
  5. Ship in-depth proposals that are ready to be voted on.

With the above in mind, GovHack focuses on forming teams who will work together on ideas related to governance which may include a new workstream, dreaming up experimental organizational structures, or a fully fledged proposal that the ArbitrumDAO can vote on.

After all the hard work is complete, there will be an open day to allow the ecosystem to come together and celebrate all the success we have achieved as a global community.

Tentative Schedule

Days 1-2: Governance Bootcamp

A hackathon-like experience for non-technical and technical people to make progress on proposals, key ideas, and workstreams by giving builders live access to crucial DAO members with the high context knowledge, relationships, decision-making power, and resources needed.

  • Dedicated for DAO contributors
  • Delegates and ​representatives will be present from major projects on Arbitrum with domain knowledge to consult with on your idea
  • ​Teams break out, work on proposals and initiatives, and present their findings to all other participants

Most importantly, no coding skills are required. It is a governance bootcamp focused on making Arbitrum better and it necessitates expertise in many domains.

​Day 3: Arbitrum Community Open Day

An opportunity to network with the wider Arbitrum community, which comprises community members, builders, ecosystem projects, and core developers.

  • ​Showcase zone where existing project present & grantees share their work
  • ​Open coworking zone
  • ​Lunch + prize announcements
  • ​Winning pitches
  • ​Networking & match-making for long-term success, and to form alliances in the room.
  • ​Office hours with delegates and major protocol founders and builders

Note - above is a tentative schedule and room format for the 3 days. The final schedule, tracks, GovHack challenge statements, judges, prizes is being finalised with the mapathon, a communtiy co-design process Hack Humanity will lead over the next weeks.

All are welcome to join, invitation details to the online mapathon workshops will be posted here on the Forum.


Engage in shaping the future of the DAO, the Arbitrum ecosystem, and scaling Ethereum.

Submit your application to participate in Arbitrum GovHack today:

Let’s collaborate on this journey!

  • Please note that it is an application process designed to distribute the event load across various participant categories and ensure fair representation.
  • We aim to respond to applicants within 72 hours.
  • The required fields on the form are concise, while there are several optional ones.
  • The more information you provide, the better we can evaluate your suitability and tailor the event to meet the collective needs.
  • Spaces are limited for day 1 and 2 to foster a working environment for the bootcamp.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Arbitrum GovHack, powered by Hack Humanity, is run by the community for the community.

Arbitrum Foundation is the primary sponsor covering the venue, food & beverage and welcomes other members of Arbitrum to co-sponsor.

We invite Delegates, Arbitrum Native Protocols, DAO Service Providers, Ecosystem allies to consider sponsoring GovHack! Full details on the package options are here:

We’d love to learn what’s most valuable to you and customize a package for your objectives.

:point_right: For sponsorship conversations please contact Klaus Brave from Hack Humanity to discuss.

This post represents a joint approach by Hack Humanity representative @klausbrave and Arbitrum Foundation representatives: @stonecoldpat, @cliffton.eth or @raam who are also happy to discuss options here on the Forum.


Hack Humanity crew is excited to partner on the delivery of this event alongside the Arbitrum Foundation and Offchain Labs teams.

Writing a short skeleton reply here now and will edit this reply with more thorough information on who I am and Hack Humanity shortly:

  1. What we do
  2. Who we are
  3. Our journey into Arbitrum
  4. GovHack proposal
  5. The GamePlan and next steps in the coming weeks
  6. Mapathon Feb 12 onwards, invitations and how you can participate in this community co-design process
  7. GovHack Feb 26-28
  8. Post-event Impact Reporting and success metrics for this work
  9. Hack Humanity Mid-term vision for 2024

We’d love to hear what are the top Challenges (problems and opportunities) you would you like GovHack participants to focus on? please share them as a reply to this thread to inform the mapathon…


Arbitrum GovHack Mapathon for ETHDenver - Round 1 powered by Hack Humanity

This is happening online Tuesday 5pm - 7pm UTC.


The Mapathon is a community co-design process we run ahead of the ETHDenver GovHack hackathon to ensure contributors contribute to and know what areas are most valuable to build for the DAO.


Led and facilitated by Klaus and Hack Humanity crew


To lay the groundwork to determine Challenge Statements, Talent & Technology profiles that are best fit for the hackathon Tracks (areas of focus) for the in-person GovHack hackathon at ETHDenver Feb 26-28. Note - we may do additional mapathon rounds as and are where needed to get more detail for more tracks & challenges statements over the next 2 weeks.


Hack Humanity will guide the community through a facilitated process to map out the Arbitrum Ecosystem & Governance in particular areas, problems, opportunities, and needs. We’ll map best-fit talent & tech profiles that match these areas.

Async - we’ll work on writing clear Challenge Statements & prizes for hackathon tracks that fill focus and incentivize contributors IRL at GovHack ETHDenver.


Tuesday 5pm - 7pm UTC. Blocking 2 hours, we’ll take a break in the middle.


Zoom + Miro. Zoom link:


If you could drop a link to the impact report here, that’d be great! @KlausBrave

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GovHack ETHDenver Impact Report:

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The following reflects the views of L2BEAT’s governance team, composed of @krst and @Sinkas, and it’s based on the combined research, fact-checking, and ideation of the two.

We’re voting in favor of the proposal for the on-chain vote and doing so early to help send a strong signal that the event will happen so delegates and other interested parties have ample time to prepare.

We only had one concern that we shared when we cast our vote during temp-check, which Klaus has addressed in the comment above and we’re now comfortable supporting the proposal and helping see it through.


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