Incentive Program: Snapshots March 3

Hello everyone! After so many preparations, the incentive program for delegates is finally running.

During February we created a post named “Incentive Program Delegate Application” where all delegates submitted their applications to the program.

We collected all data for these delegates and made a list that can be found here.

As you can see on the table, those delegates who have the “Check” are the ones who met the initial requirements to be part of the program. The total number of delegates that will participate in this first month of the program is 36. You can find all information about the participants on this Karma Dashboard.

Historic Participation Rate on tally explained

We would like to comment that the Historic Tally participation (PR) is calculated considering all votings that Arbitrum has done on Tally, excluding the [OLD] and test proposals.

The PR is calculated automatically by this Karma Dashboard, where in order to accomplish the PR requirement of the program the users must have a PR greater than 25%.

This must not be confused with the “on-chain votes” that is shown on the profile of each delegate, this a percentage of the participation rate on tally of each delegate since the of the account on tally


If you are a delegate and you want to know what is your historic participation rate on tally, just check and find your delegate address on this Karma Dashboard.

Note: This dashboard only shows those delegates with a voting power greater than 50k ARB.

Application Rules

Even though the program has started, we would like to remind you of the rules of the program:

  • A delegate can submit an application to participate in the program anytime.
  • If a delegate submits the application before the first 3 days of the month, the delegate’s score will begin to count from the same month.
  • If a delegate submits the application after the first 3 days of the month, the delegate’s score will begin to count from the next month.

Appreciate the great work! Let’s build Arbitrum together!


Thank you for your trust! Let’s start working productively!
I read the last paragraph and had a question: if I applied and got in this month, do I need to reapply for next month? Or is one time and a constant +50K ARB level enough?

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It is not necessary, just registering once is fine.

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I look forward to the continued active participation of delegates in the discussions, but there are real barriers for non-English-speaking areas like ours!