Introducing Toob.Finance; Buy Any Token on Arbitrum via Card Payment

Toob Evening,

CEX listing is an expensive business, especially for memecoins, where it’s needed the most. How can the devs advertise their shitcoin to normies if they must complete dozens of steps just to purchase it? Well, they can pay ~$25,000 and enable card payments for the shitcoin.

Or… they can use Toob.Finance for free! With the lowest fee on the market (3.8% versus 5-10% + $25k listing), no listing fee - all Arbitrum tokens are “listed” by default. Just drop the contract address and buy with a card.

What is Toob Finance?
A product brought to the Arbitrum Ecosystem by Toob Dog - a memecoin on Arbitrum. We felt the need to allow card purchases as we did some advertising for normies on IG. Some joined the TG and asked how to buy Toob. Now, explain to someone with 0 experience with crypto how to DeFi, Metamask, Uniswap, Contract Address, ETH, Gas Fees, Networks. At that moment, we knew we must enable card payments for Toob.

After some research, we thought, why not enable card payments for all the tokens?
And that’s what we did.

ANY Arbitrum token is available.
No need to connect wallet.
No KYC under 1,000$.
Fast and easy checkout.

It’s like Uniswap, but you buy with card.

We are working on Apple Pay integration, API for developers and Widget that devs can integrate on their website to allow fiat to their coin directly there.

if you want to whitelist your token:


Love it sounds promising ngl

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