Living Building Challenge

Introduce an initiative for the Arbitrum DAO to acquire and sustainably develop land, leveraging the Living Building Challenge (LBC) framework, an advanced green building standard developed by the International Living Future Institute. This proposal aims to integrate these real-world assets into the blockchain economy, enhancing sustainability and economic growth within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Proposal Overview:

Acquisition & Financing:
Identify land for potential sustainable development or conservation.
Use a DAO fund, backed by Arbitrum tokens and crowdfunding, for acquisition.

Sustainable Development with LBC:
Adopt the LBC standard, focusing on creating self-sufficient, net-positive buildings that promote environmental restoration. The LBC standard emphasizes seven performance areas: site, water, energy, health, materials, equity, and beauty.
Involve the Arbitrum community in development decisions through blockchain-based governance.

Blockchain Integration:
Tokenization of land assets for transparent ownership and investment.
Implement smart contracts for property management, ensuring efficiency and transparency in revenue sharing.

Establish sustainable revenue streams for the DAO.
Propel the Arbitrum ecosystem with innovative blockchain applications in real estate.
Serve as a model for combining blockchain technology with the highest standards of ecological and social responsibility.

thanks for reading


haus .me is a super primitive example, they will have 1600 square feet buildings in the next year.

Is that a good enough size for a work/ co living space? its a work station that syncs physical and digital economies. Imagine a bunch of dedicated quality living/ work places by the arbitrum dao.

Its a slow but sustainable strategy apart from developer boom of current focus. So this is just a feeler to get it started.

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