Managing tokens after delegation

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I would like to learn more about the delegation functionality. Will it be possible to move your tokens? which were delegated in favor of someone else.

What to do if a person thinks that the delegate he has chosen does not suit him and wants to change the delegate or even withdraw tokens. Will there be such an opportunity to manage already delegated tokens?

In my case, a mistake was made, I did not plan to delegate in favor of this wallet, but it happened. I want to change the delegate to a more reliable one. Can I do something about it? Also wondering when the tokens that have been delegated will be available


You can simply delegate to another address by clicking the delegate button and delegating to a new address.


Dune Data analytic are also interesting

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My tokens went to the address under the contract, and the delegate does not take part in the vote. 1200000+ arb on account. And I can’t do anything with my tokens

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It turns out that they are not available to me at the moment

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What is the question!? Why can’t I see my delegated tokens
Here they are at the deligato, and nothing happens. Should I wait until the platform is updated? I just doubt the delegate, but in general I wanted to vote on my behalf

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for security purposes… I move to propose , governance functionalities and eligibilities esp airdrop eligibility can be transferrable to another wallet with certain security procedures as well. This gives us freedom and more security and also for compromised wallets as well.


If it improve security

It is also available in the boardroom, you can choose your delegate and download from there, you can update a little bit faster.