Delegation Week for Arbitrum Holders

Hi Arbitrum DAO!

Raf from Tally here. I wanted to let you know about Delegation Week, which starts today.

Delegation Week is an ecosystem-wide event for DAO governance engagement. There’s a lot going on, including a Arbitrum DAO twitter space. The goal of the week is to build feedback loops between delegates and tokenholders. Delegates can share their platforms and their voting histories. Tokenholders can check that they’re still aligned with their delegate.

This week, eligible ARB holders get one free delegation on Tally. Thanks to Arbitrum Foundation for funding this effort to make it easier to delegate. To be eligible, you had to own at least 40 ARB on May 1st. There’s enough gas to cover the first ~25,000 delegators, depending on gas prices.

If you are a delegate or a tokenholder, visit your Arbitrum Tally Dashboard. From there, you can update your profile, see who you are delegating to, or find a new delegate if you want to change.

If you are a delegate, this week is also a good time do some campaigning! Tell your friends and followers why they might want to delegate their ARB to you. Let them know what you stand for and that they can delegate to you for free from your Tally profile this week. (e.g. here is my Tally Arbitrum profile. ).

Happy Delegation Week! Happy to answer questions.


Good one , Thnk you for the information, I will make the update. on my profile. since I am a token holder


Thanks for this important information


So sad, I wish I still had my ARB tokens and participate.


This event serves as a positive example of community-driven governance in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Thanks for Sharing @rafso .


This has been a great program! I look forward to seeing it become a ritual for the Arbitrum ecosystem and web 3 as a whole.

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ARB token best porjet


Arbitrum is still the best chain