[Non-constitutional] Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge)

Hey @Curia Thanks very much for your for your support! And we really appreciate your feedback, we believe the more voices we get into this conversation - the better.

We are in 100% agreement here and we are committed (and invested in) the success of Arbitrum.

Yes, in Milestone 1, we clearly recognize our communications on the program and project level needed some help. Here are some steps we put in place, and some thing that will help us get better in the milestone 1B:

  1. We built a reporting site for grant programs and projects - here you can see all the programs and most of the 250+ projects funded by Plurality Labs.
  2. We committed to monthly updates and progress reports - here is our January Report
  3. We hired! Kyler formerly Operations Manager from the DAO Research Center is assisting and when this program passes, we will hire a Coms person to focused on Arbitrum Grants - communicating and reporting. We can’t wait!

Thank you @Curia for your questions and for your support!