[Non-constitutional] Proposal to fund Plurality Labs Milestone 1B(ridge)

404 DAO appreciates Plurality Labs/Joe’s efforts in Milestone 1 as well as the work that was put into crafting this bridge proposal to address the concerns previously raised by governance.

In reviewing the work done in Milestone 1 and the subsequent reports provided by the Plurality Labs team, we identified a few questions that we ask the PL or ThriveCoin team to answer:

  1. There is currently still 1,553,079.3 ARB in the multisig used for Milestone 1. As @krst pointed out on January 30th in L2Beat’s response to the Milestone 1 report, there was at that time ~1.9m ARB in the multisig with 1.535m allocated but not yet distributed. And in the January report it was stated that 1.307m ARB was allocated but not yet paid out.

    We can see that funds are still being sent out on approximately a weekly cadence, but can you please clarify if this dashboard is up to date? We would like to see where these remaining funds are allocated to and any updated timelines that the DAO can expect for these Milestone 1 programs to conclude.

  2. Is there an update on the responsibility of the Board and the creation of a Charter, as you alluded to here? Primarily, we are interested to learn how the board will hold Plurality Labs accountable for the original deliverables stated in AIP-3.

  3. Questions regarding ThriveCoin and its involvement in Milestone 1b:

    a. Can you tell us more about the qualifications of the ThriveCoin team members that will be assisting Plurality Labs in Milestone 1b?

    b. Additionally can you please expand on the extent of their responsibilities or the resources provided that will help ensure Milestone 1b does not replicate the shortcomings of Milestone 1?

    c. Can you provide more details on which tools & technologies you plan to use in Milestone 1b? Are any of these owned by ThriveCoin (e.g, ThankArb, which was used in GovMonth, is a ThriveCoin product)

    d. Are you able to provide links to ThriveCoin’s Github or Docs? We struggled to find any technical or detailed explanation of ThriveCoin’s products.

Thank you again for your time and effort to create a pluralistic grants framework in Arbitrum! We look forward to your responses to our questions.