Non emergency actions to facilitate key rotation of Security Council - June 2024


  • The Security Council is initiating a non-emergency action to enable the non-emergency path to perform key rotations.
  • After that is complete, some members will be rotating into new addresses within the council (the members are the same but in new addresses with more secure setups).

No actions need to be taken by users of Arbitrum One or Arbitrum Nova. We will update this thread as we progress through the steps of enabling the action and rotating the security council member’s keys. If you have any questions, please do respond on this thread!

Enabling and Enacting Key Rotation

Four security council members have opted to rotate their keys:

  • Open Zeppelin
  • Zellic
  • fred
  • Certora

Additionally, Mike from Open Zeppelin will be replaced by Omer Greisman.

To facilitate the key rotation, we require two non-emergency security council actions:

  • Enable Action. The non-emergency security council must be authorized and given the power to perform a key rotation.
  • Perform Rotation. Rotate the keys of security council members.

In both cases, the non-emergency security council will authorize actions to first enable them to perform a key rotation and then rotate the keys for four security council members. This will require two separate transactions that must follow the non-emergency security path. Each action requires ~14 days to complete.

The Enable Action smart contract can be viewed in Security Council Manager Affordance Change Action by godzillaba · Pull Request #284 · ArbitrumFoundation/governance · GitHub

We will update this thread once the Security Council has authorized each transaction alongside the timeline for its activation.

Key Rotation Requests

Signed messages from each Security Council member to authorize key rotation.

Name: Open Zeppelin
Signer: 0xe40D80Bd58CEE55DCC2598724d7F1e03E206581D
Message: “OpenZeppelin is changing their security council member key from 0xe40D80Bd58CEE55DCC2598724d7F1e03E206581D to 0xA821c8c245d1F3A257e3B0DEC99268cA05144422”
Signature: 0x10c70e041d852f3f952094bf81d11194652ab78b81cd0c0af004c9a1d83f05510015801f64fe8d7307cd7275d9040194bbeaf88180bf3e94254dc639600926981b

Name: Zellic
Signer: 0xa0683d725420e2f75415806352cd9c3fe10fa960
Message: “Zellic is changing their security council member key from 0xa0683d725420e2f75415806352cd9c3fe10fa960 to 0x5a09A94eE8198D3c474d723337aa58023810022C”
Signature: 0x92b0bc04de1eca131659f2417e757296dd863c3c9c560c6d5ba8eda53c3bd11736d039e339f7b590f20dcacc38af34db5bcee06fd6539e6a2e71876b74cb3af91c

Name: fred
Signer: 0xee7Fb91D5b776C326a728dc70e917F82d6809E3C
Message: “fred is changing their security council member key from 0xee7Fb91D5b776C326a728dc70e917F82d6809E3C to 0x5DD2205C3aac13E592F0a3D85188c948D1781df1”
Signature: 0xaedaea6eb844e6ebdcc1d11d17562510e5b072bfaef750a15f1e9f6d3f6a8021145a9fa2fe6de28138ff788c8cddc5710cbef3fdc7a014100bbad2dfab62ad0900

Name: Certora
Signer: 0xb3b60932e598fe946169ec209a197184bad760b7
Message: “Certora is changing their security council member key from 0xb3b60932e598fe946169ec209a197184bad760b7 to 0x70C006fC86A392c16D7E085cefc0Ad1FF7de6C75”
Signature: 0x5dadb68728fd4e88f73593d7a3217025a68952a3c8e518f2b56e7f2d80f9abd914f788d0114589c67b04bcdfaa63ab35b91641bbb8c16fd724a61434a8409f0f1b


The Enable Action was initiated in Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan


The key rotation was now initiated and should be complete in approximately 13 days Arbitrum One Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbitrum One