Non-emergency Security Council action - update Arbitrum Nova DAC keyset

Non-emergency Security Council action

Two independent issues have been identified, and the Arbitrum Foundation is engaging the Security Council to initiate a non-emergency action to help fix them.

Per Section 3 of the Arbitrum Constitution, the Security Council is a committee of 12 members who are signers of a multi-sig wallet, which has powers to perform certain Emergency Actions and Non-Emergency Actions, as delegated to it by the ArbitrumDAO and The Arbitrum Foundation, and is responsible for upholding this ArbitrumDAO Constitution.

The Constitution defines Security Council non-emergency actions in Section 3: The Amended Constitution of the Arbitrum DAO | Arbitrum DAO - Governance docs

1. Remove Reddit from DAC

Reddit is sunsetting its Community Points initiative. Alongside that they also plan on winding down their Arbitrum Nova DAC infrastructure over the next couple of weeks.

Nova can continue running seamlessly as long as 6 of these nodes are still functional. While Reddit shutting down its node doesn’t pose immediate risk to Arbitrum Nova, adjusting the current Arbitrum Nova chain parameters to run with a 5 out of 6 committee (the current committee members, minus Reddit) will allow the chain to continue to operate with similar security assumptions.

2. Remove Offchain Labs secondary key from DAC

The existing committee has 7 entities but is actually 7/8 with two keys for Offchain Labs rather than 6/7. This was because of a historical decision related to protecting against bugs early in Nova’s history, but isn’t needed and should be fixed. This doesn’t affect the current trust model for safety of a 6/7 trust assumption over the members, but does affect the availability assumption that no single member can bring the committee offline.


The DAO may kickstart a discussion to help select a new provider to substitute Reddit - but in the meantime the Arbitrum Foundation is engaging the Security Council to consider a non-emergency action to update the Arbitrum Nova chain DAC parameters.

Any Non-Emergency Action, after approval by the Security Council, will bypass Phases 1 to 3 of the AIP process and instead directly go through Phases 4 to 7 of the AIP process, to provide a delay before any Non-Emergency Action is deployed.

How to reproduce the proposal data:


Governance Seatbelt can also be used to simulate the result of executing this code with SIM_NAME=arbcore-dac-add yarn start

Relevant links:


The non emergency action was initiated yesterday Arbitrum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Arbiscan

The DAC update will be executed once it finishes going through the L2 timelock, then the L2 to L1 delay period, and finally the L1 timelock


The transaction is now in the L1 timelock


The transaction has successfully executed and added the new L1 keyset.