OpenBlock Labs Bi-Weekly STIP Efficacy Update (2/2)

OpenBlock Labs - Update for Arbitrum STIP

We’re thrilled to update you on OpenBlock’s progress in STIP efficacy analysis, and the performance of protocols across a variety of KPIs.

Key Additions

  1. Incorporation of sequencer fee revenue data per protocol
  2. Bridge Flows Analysis
  3. Endogenous vs Exogenous Growth Analysis
  4. Development of Data and Efficacy Guidelines

Protocol Rankings

Ranking by growth in TVL per claimed ARB:

Ranking by growth in Sequencer Fees per claimed ARB:

Ranking by growth in Volume per claimed ARB:

Ranking by nominal growth in TVL:

Ranking by nominal growth in volume:


We invite the community to kickstart a dialogue on the effectiveness of incentives and contribute further insights to complement OpenBlock Labs’ quantitative methods. Recognizing that data is just one aspect of grant allocations, we anticipate engaging with the community to harness our insights for the development of more robust campaigns in the future. Stay tuned for more updates!

Twitter: @openblocklabs