OpenBlock Labs STIP Data Reporting Update

OpenBlock Labs - Data Reporting Update for Arbitrum STIP

December 1, 2023


In the past two weeks, OpenBlock Labs has made substantial progress on data reporting for the Arbitrum STIP initiative. Our team has focused on adding more protocols, creating aggregate views for enhanced data visualization, and introducing sector-based comparative analysis.

You can monitor our ongoing progress through the public dashboard available here.

Key Developments

  1. Dashboard Development for Grantees: The vast majority of participating protocols have been added to the dashboard. We have added more granular views, including custom metrics, flow of funds, ARB reward tracking, list of users, and more.

  1. Aggregate Views for Protocols: For the protocols from which we have received data, we have developed aggregate views. These views are a part of the Overview tab and offer a holistic understanding of performance and trends across the initiative. Notably, Grantee TVL has risen by 13% and volumes have witnessed a substantial climb of 53%. Daily Active Users (DAUs) are down by 4%. It is important to note that KyberSwap was excluded from this analysis, following a recent security incident.

  1. Monitoring and Reporting Progress: We continue to closely observe the flow of funds from the vesting contract, tracking each protocol’s use of funds. A dedicated form for protocols to report their address categories is available here, which aids in pinpointing fund allocation and usage. The community is encouraged to view these details here to confirm the transparency and correctness of the information provided by each protocol. This process is meant to ensure funds are used appropriately and effectively within the STIP program.


We look forward to your feedback on our current progress, and we encourage greater involvement from protocols to review their dashboards and supply more data. We strongly encourage community engagement to identify any potential data errors, as well as holding teams accountable on their use of funds. We look forward to our continued collaboration.