OpenBlock Labs STIP Data Update

OpenBlock Labs - Update for Arbitrum STIP Data Reporting

November 16, 2023


OpenBlock Labs has established connections with all 30 projects involved in the STIP initiative, making considerable progress in developing insights about the effectiveness of incentives and aiding these projects in meeting their data reporting requirements. We are aligned with the timeline projected in our initial proposal and are excited to share our work thus far.

You can monitor our ongoing progress through the public dashboard available here.

Data Monitoring and Reporting
We have built dashboards for the following protocols: GMX, MUX, Camelot, Vertex, Radiant, KyberSwap, Balancer, Socket, Dolomite, Premia, Lodestar Finance, Rysk, WINR, and Good Entry.

The development of the following dashboards is actively underway. We encourage team members from the following protocols to expedite their cooperation in providing the necessary data, ensuring timely and efficient completion of their reporting obligations: Pendle, Trader Joe, Dopex, Frax, Abracadabra, Silo, Gamma, Umami, Perennial, Angle, Galxe, OpenOcean, Timeswap, Tally, and Stella.

Monitoring and Reporting Progress

OpenBlock monitors the fund disbursements from the vesting contract to different protocols. To monitor any potential misuse of funds, OpenBlock has shared a form for protocols to categorize their addresses, ensuring enhanced transparency and accuracy in tracking. This form can be accessed here. The community can see the responses of this form here to verify protocol addresses.

For each protocol, we monitor a comprehensive set of metrics, including TVL, DAU, volume, and fees, as well as more detailed measures such as percentage changes since the inception of incentives and a list of traders.

In the coming weeks, we aim to augment each dashboard with additional data intelligence, as per our proposal. We request that protocols promptly complete their data reporting requirements to help streamline the process of adding additional insights.


We look forward to your feedback on our current progress, and we encourage greater involvement from protocols to review their dashboards and supply more data. Our team is enthusiastic about maintaining timely progress in this initiative, which will enhance transparency for the community regarding the STIP.

Twitter: @openblocklabs




This is amazing data - clearly presented.
Thanks to that - a few questions jump off the page. Many of them are likely just curiosity - some of them though potentially could help us understand what leads to success in more depth.
How could an interested fairly skilled data scientist munge the data themselves? I am not asking you to do more work other than directing me and maybe fellow ODC members who might want to look for patterns across providers and so on.
As an aside - I wonder what happened with GMX October 1/2?


Odyssey Galaxe Quest I would imagine, we had a similar surge.

The dash is pretty dope, looks really good, I really like the flow of Arbitrum, will be super cool to see users that are doing cool things across projects. I know we owe you a bunch of details/updates, will commit to getting those over to you next week. Great job so far, very clean.