[Overnight Finance] LTIPP Application - FINAL

I’m a user of Overnight protocol since a few months after they launched.
In the past years they forged partnerships with projects around all the chains, experimenting different strategies to bring value to their users and to the protocols they interact with, among which Silo, Pancake and Vertex on Arbitrum.
Overnight delta-neutral strategies (ETS) have been reliable even during high-volatility and despite some spurious and very rare issues they managed to accrue a remarkable amount of value for their users. Their recent strategies deployed on Vertex are even more efficient than the previous one, granting users peaks of 60% apy for holders. Same strategies will be deployed also on other arbitrum native perp-dex, proof of their wish to build on Arbitrum.

Just a little note, a personal comment about the users who previously replied about Overnight being a project with bad reputation… Feeling the urge to write short-stringed less than 1 line replies because of some tribalism against the project doing the proposal is quite bad-taste, just a “cheap-revenge”.

Returning on the matter… Overnight showed resilience in bear-market, focused on building partnerships, developing new strategies and taking care of a community that shared they’re bear-market experience together.
Because of this I support their proposal and I’d be happy to see it approved.

BK201 aka Inelukis on Discord.


I have been an active user of Overnight Finances’ protocol for about 7 months. This is a team that provides value in the crypto space and innovates. The delta Neutral backed stable coins have generated good revenue with minimal risk, along with some of the best LP APY’s currently. There have been disagreements amongst other protocols, which is going to happen in a competive space. The Overnight team listened to the communities and reached a resolution that was agreed upon by all parties. The OVN team is legit.

I’ve been an Overnight user since the beginning. I started with USD+, then with the ETS and now with OVN. I participated in the OVN pre-sale, I saw how the price fell from $20 to $14 and I was never afraid. In fact, I bought every dip.

OVN is a competent team that always seeks for the success and safety of its community.

To be honest, crypto world is a dangerous world full of scams and bad actors. It’s really hard to find a team with OVN transparency and honesty. I can’t imagine everything they could achieve with the foundation’s support .

Thanks Max and team for everything and good luck!


Thank you, sir. Very much appreciate your kind words

Your kind words mean the whole world to us. thank you

Overnight should be a good choice to increase KPIs for Arbitrum, whether its through TVL on Dexes/chain TVL by holding USD+. There’s also secondary effects - their bribes create income for dexes, making their cashflow higher → more attention on the Dex → new wallets using Arbi.

Overnight also provides a comfy home for people to hold stables and be on Arbitrum - I found their pools as a good place to park stables when I withdraw from Hyperliquid and want to earn some yield.

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amazing project with realy good strategys

So Look at the USD+ pools on Curve. Overnight is really committed on growing to Arbitrum. They provided Huge APR attracting stablecoin liquidity, and rapid growing (Now 4m TVL). This also benefits Arbitrum so much, because Arbitrum needs more stablecoins liquidity. They deserved grants which can propel further Arbitrum ecosystem as a whole.

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Agreed, they are giving huge rewards on Arbitrum. Huge commitment even without grant yet.

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