Pilot Phase: M&A for Arbitrum DAO

First of all, we would like to thank @Bernard, the rest of the Areta team and the working group members. The passion and dedication to exploring the unexplored function that a DAO could have are highly valued and recognized.

We vote FOR the proposal. We appreciate all the work the working group has produced and consider it rational to extend the research with a reasonable budget assigned to the passionate operator.

On top of the outcomes listed in the proposal, we would like to request to clarify how the whole structure of the M&A initiative within the DAO is formed and necessary parties have selected their members with the DAO.


I have voted “For” this proposal.

Due to the complexity of something like this I think it completely reasonable to run a pilot program to get more tangible information to base a more comprehensive framework on. There seems to have been a fair amount of work already put into this to show a serious commitment to the idea. I also believe the cost is reasonable.

In short, I think this is a pretty low risk, low cost project that can lead to a lot of benefit down the line. And for that is worth supporting at this stage.

Edit: Updating (5.21.2024) in order to save forum space. I am voting “For” this proposal on Tally as my opinion has not changed from the above Snapshot vote. I look forward to what the DAO can learn from a the pilot program.

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The Princeton Blockchain Club is voting FOR the M&A Pilot Phase proposal.

A potential M&A arm for a DAO is unprecedented and could lead to exciting new opportunities as we grow. While the operationalization and execution of an M&A arm present significant challenges, the proposed pilot phase will help answer underlying concerns and best equip the DAO to make an informed decision as it considers this ambitious undertaking. Furthermore, research into potential acquisition targets and ecosystem integration dynamics would provide valuable strategic information for the DAO, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

We look forward to the findings of the pilot phase and to actively engage with the M&A working group over the coming months!


gm all, voting FOR this proposal.

I am not entirely convinced of the size of the opportunity here for M&As, but I believe it’s definitely worth to explore and learn more at this stage.

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After consideration Treasure’s Arbitrum Representative Council (ARC) would like to share the following feedback on the proposal

We voted FOR this proposal at Snapshot.

Thank you for presenting the comprehensive proposal detailing the funding of Pilot Programs and the potential expansion into the M&A vertical for our DAO. Initially, we had reservations about opting for direct governance to fund a small pilot program, particularly when considering alternative grant initiatives such as the PL Firestarter. However, we recognize the importance of ensuring visibility and buy-in from the DAO community and, thus, see the rationale behind proceeding with a Snapshot vote.

Regarding the M&A vertical expansion, we find the idea intriguing and believe exploring it through a pilot phase is prudent. This allows us to gauge suitability and assess complexities without committing fully upfront. The prospect of establishing an M&A arm within our DAO is indeed unprecedented and presents both challenges and exciting opportunities for growth. However, the proposed pilot phase will provide us with valuable insights to assess these challenges and gauge potential benefit before proceeding with a more comprehensive proposal.

Additionally, the research into potential acquisition targets and ecosystem integration dynamics will be interesting information to understand, irrespective of the eventual outcome. The strategic information gathered during this process could help shape the future trajectory of our DAO and so we are supportive of the M&A Pilot program. This does not neccessily translate to full support of an M&A program at Arbitrum, we will take thing one step at a time.


Proposal Update

Hi all, with the Snapshot for the Pilot Phase now passed, we wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the valuable feedback that helped refine the proposal. It’s been amazing to see the engagement on and off the forum growing :saluting_face:


17/05: Based on @coinflip 's feedback of other core initiatives in the making that might have the M&A unit play into them, we want to make sure to highlight our commitment to integrate the work that we are doing into any larger construct/umbrella that the DAO decides on if this should materialize and not create any conflicting workstreams.

Thus we added the following paragraph to the proposal:
“Edit 17/05: The M&A proposal works with the ambition in mind to be plugged into existing structures of Arbitrum DAO. Should there be an overarching initiative that combines different elements of what we are proposing we are open to make it part of a larger structure and work under the premise to make our learnings usable for whatever structure there will be.”

Next steps

With the Snapshot vote passed, we have queued up the on-chain vote on Tally.

  • Dm’s are always open for further feedback independent of the voting timeline.
  • Once the on-chain vote progresses, we will share further updates and may resume regular WG meetings to keep interested parties involved in the journey

Helpful links

  • M&A Core Proposal: here
  • M&A Working Group Progress: here
  • M&A Telegram Group: here
  • Easy-to-digest Video Summary (s/o to Sinkas): here

I have decided to vote IN FAVOR of this proposal.

As I mentioned earlier, I strongly believe that initiatives bringing ROI to the DAO not only make us sustainable but also help build a stronger ecosystem around.

The professionalism and execution demonstrated by this working group are noteworthy. From the open discussions in the Telegram group to the calls and notes shared in the forum, the transparency and commitment are clear.

I am excited to see how this project unfolds and the results it will bring. I will closely follow every update throughout the process.


Voting FOR as this is a pilot phase. I have my concerns but the thread explains what the idea is and we can see for the future how to proceed. Also from the perspective of the DAO is interesting

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We vote FOR the proposal on Tally as the same reason provided in the Snapshot voting. We also understand that the deliverables that the team focuses on are as described, and our requested information will be delivered afterwards.