PL: Plural MEV Research Tooling Update

Development Update for Week 10 (Mar 4 - Mar 10)

Our v2.2.0-prerelease went live last week in advance of the v2.2 release this week

The largest visible change was to the user registration form: user name submission is now split into two fields for faster and cleaner population of the author field in the voting page and to facilitate sorting by surname

Beyond that, the focus is on backend improvements to ensure a smooth experience, with updates including:

  • further improved routing to ensure users are directed to the correct subpage faster
  • added authorization logic to prevent user manipulation of results via the API (unlikely, given the invitee list and the high risk of detection, but still good practice)
  • preparations for fast import of new group dimensions, with immediate update of plurality scores
  • updates to email notification service

As always, the latest release and ongoing work can be seen in our github