# Thank ARB monthly report: March 2024

Hi, this is Ben West, I will be working with @DisruptionJoe and the team to deliver the Thank ARB program. Very excited to be supporting this visionary program! The Tally vote for Milestone 1(b) was completed last week and we are hitting the ground running on implementation as we speak. What follows is the monthly updated format you can expect from us moving forward over the next 6 months. This will be just one of the many ways we reach out and engage with and directly involve community members in this process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out any time if you have questions or ideas.

Thank ARB monthly report: March 2024

  1. Programs Updates

a) A full list of programs
b) Programs closed the previous period

  1. Deliverables Scorecard

a) An up to date list of deliverables

  1. February Financial Report
  2. Asks of the Community

Welcome to our second monthly status update! This ongoing report series serves as both a monthly summary of our work and an ongoing record of our progress. Additionally, this report is intended to be a transparent clearinghouse of information related to the operations of the Thank ARB (formerly known as Plurality Labs) grants program. To enable this, this update has sections for program updates, deliverable scorecard, financial details, and our asks of the community.

We intend to deliver this in the third week of each month going forward. Please don’t hesitate to add any questions or suggestions in the comments below.

1. Program updates:

This section provides a series of brief updates as to the progression of our currently active suite of Arbitrum Plurality Grant Programs. For real time updates and data regarding past programs, please see our program tracker where you can find detailed program descriptions, grant allocation updates, objectives, milestones, and more.

1a. Historical Programs

Project name Status Project Manager Program Update
Questbook Support Rounds PAID Zer8 Update
Firestarters by PL PAID Disruption Joe Update
Sense and Respond: Thank ARB PAID Martin Update
Arbitrum Citizen’s Retro Funding PAID Zer8 Update
GovBoost by PL PAID Disruption Joe Update
Gitcoin Match Complete Zer8 Update
Gitcoin Hack on Allo Complete - KYC Pending Buidlbox Update
Biggest mini grants Joke Race Complete -KYC Pending Diana Chen Update
Arbitrum Co.Lab by RnDAO In Progress RNDao Update
Grant Ships In Progress DAO Masons Update
Open Data Intelligence In Progress Evan Powell Update
MEV Research In Progress Update

1b. Completed This Month

TBD - Waiting on March close and 2 programs for the final report to post to the forum but this is a rough reflection of how past programs performed and what we will consider running again.

2. Delivery Scorecard

The delivery scorecard will show our monthly progress towards each deliverable. Considering Milestone 1b has officially begun as of today, we are considering all the items at 0% completion. As an avid forum lurker, you will have the opportunity to watch these deliverables progress throughout our term.

3. Finances & grant spending:

As per feedback from the community related to financial reporting, the team engaged R3GEN to both professionalize and provide an independent reporting service related to the Thank ARB proposal and for the broader DAO. Please find a link to the February report specific to the Thank ARB program here. The broader DAO report will be published in April.

4. Our asks of the community

4a. General

As the Milestone 1(b) gets closer to passing, we are excited to announce the creation of these full time positions specifically supporting the Thank ARB program. We would love some great applicants from the community so please feel free to pass these roles around to awesome people:

Customer Success Grants Manager

Customer Success Integrations Specialist

4b. Delegates

  • We will begin the open delegate workshops

4c. Foundation

4d. Active DAO Contributors

4d. Token Holders

In closing:

In February we committed to the community that we would step-change our communications. This monthly report is the next step in that journey of providing transparency in operations. We will continue iterating on this format, but if you have suggestions on how to make this more usable, please reach out.

How to keep updated:

  1. Find the latest status of programs and projects on our monthly report posts
  2. Get real time updates on our ThankARB twitter account

If you have other ideas for how best to keep the community informed and involved feel free to share your ideas and suggestions. This will be a core responsibility of the new marketing lead for Thank ARB and an obsession for everyone on our team.


Curious what happens next? :eyes: Read the monthly update for April 2024!