Proposal: Experiental Incentive Program for Arbitrum Game Builders(for Discussion)

Proposal: Experiential Incentive Program for Arbitrum Game Builders(for Discussion)


Hello ArbitrumDAO,

I am Blank, the co-founder of Scattering, the instant liquidity market for NFTs on Arbitrum, and RentFun, the NFT rental protocol on Arbitrum, which is also a grant winner from the foundation.

Having been a small builder in the games and NFT space on Arbitrum for over a year, I aspire to see Arbitrum become the best and only home for decentralized games like TreasureDAO. This vision is crucial for our business, which relies on the success of Arbitrum and its games/NFTs.

Therefore, I am presenting this proposal to ensure that the voices of games/NFT builders are heard. If you observe, the majority of forum proposals come from DeFi protocols discussing incentives, while there are very few from game builders. The Arbitrum DAO should seriously consider why this discrepancy exists.

Please note: this proposal is not finalized yet, and it is only for discussion and check whether the ArbitrumDAO is interested in moving forward quickly to incentivize and grow the native game builders on arbitrum.

I’ve gleaned valuable insights from the post of Learnings from Stip Community Interview Summaries and Notes titled “Hesitance to Speak Up.”

Please pardon any errors in my contributions to this discussion thread. My sole intention is to contribute to the improvement of Arbitrum as a preferred platform for games like Treasuredao by expressing my genuine thoughts.


It all began with the proposal of pitching TreasureDAO to build a superchain on the Op stack from Optimism (, followed by the ZK Stack proposal (

Perhaps within the next 24 hours, another proposal may emerge to attract the TreasureDao team😂

For further insights into why TreasureDao has a compelling reason to engage in this discussion, I have elaborated on it in this post:


  • Treasure Chain is a new blockchain seeking incentives and funds to attract both treasure and new games in the future. However, they continue to rely on magic tokens, limiting the potential for significant incentives that a completely new chain could provide. This is a common and realistic challenge for new chains.
  • The Arbitrum DAO is somewhat dominated by DeFi space builders and degens. Consequently, there is insufficient voice and attention given to treasure and game builders, at least from the game builders’ perspective.
  • Undoubtedly, the Arbitrum Orbit Stack boasts the most user-friendly and customizable technology for the Treasure DAO team. This observation is widely acknowledged. Yet, as a small and new builder, I recognize that technical aspects alone may not guarantee 100% success for a new chain. Blast’s success, for instance, wasn’t solely due to technical factors. Therefore, if other chains like Optimism(Op) and zkSync offer better funding and support, and their technical capabilities are comparable, it is worth the Treasure team’s consideration for their optimal benefits.

My thoughts find expression in Karel’s response to AvgJoesCrypto’s argument, which can be viewed here:

In this response, Karel expresses hope that the Arbitrum DAO will attract increased attention and support, enabling it to move swiftly despite its experimental nature and willingness to make bold bets.

The situation is straightforward. If the Arbitrum DAO intends to support TreasureDAO, which has made significant contributions to the gaming ecosystem on Arbitrum, it should address their current situation. Continuing to focus solely on technical aspects (which are known to every Arbitrum enthusiast) may not be as beneficial in achieving this goal, if indeed there is a desire to support them.


However, I don’t want to propose the incentive plans for TreasureDao in this proposal because Treasure has already attracted enough attention through this “competition” and possesses sufficient bargaining power. I believe that whether they choose arb or op, the Treasure team will secure the best deal in the end.

What I do want to propose is a plan for every small game builder on the Arbitrum or Orbit chains.

Are the Op or Zk advocating for the Treasure Team?


They are advocating for approximately 15 solid treasure games and communities standing behind Treasure. They are placing significant bets on web3 games, not on the Treasure team.

Therefore, ArbitrumDAO should focus more on how to make it a better home for all web3 game builders.

Only by doing this, will the TreasureDao team stay, and there may be a second or third “TreasureDao” on Arbitrum or Orbit chains.

Again, please don’t solely focus on the technical side; otherwise, Arbitrum Nova is already very successful, but we all know its current performance.

Therefore, I propose a dedicated Experimental Incentive Program for Games(EIPG), whether they are outside or inside of Treasure.

This plan involves quick funding for each game builder, providing 30K USDT-valued arb tokens from the treasury, with an easy and expedited process.


Quoted from @AvgJoesCrypto: “Since the treasury holds 3.52 billion $ARB, it is the largest treasury in all of crypto. The Arbitrum DAO can spend just under $4 billion and still maintain its position as the largest treasury in the crypto space.”

Grant Program: Experimental Incentive Program for Games(EIPG) on Arbitrum and Orbit Chains


  • The EIPG aims to provide timely and substantial financial support to game builders, developers of game-dev tools for game NFTs on Arbitrum and Orbit Chains. This program seeks to empower new, small, medium, and established builders in the gaming ecosystem, fostering innovation and growth within a condensed time frame.
  • Expand the gaming sphere within the ARB, employing metrics such as transaction count, player presence (both on and off-chain), retention ratio, expenditure, player satisfaction, and playtime. Utilize these indicators as benchmarks to gauge the accomplishment of the stated objective.

Budget Allocation: 30M $ARB tokens

Grant Size((based on unique user base and NFTs market cap/trading volume) :

  • New and Small Builders: 30K USDT each with a streamlined 3-week review process
  • Medium Builders: 30K USDT to 100K USDT each with a comprehensive 4-week review process
  • Big Names: Budgets up to 1M USDT each, subject to a thorough 6-week review and voting process

Targeted Areas:

  • Game builders operating on Arbitrum or Orbit Chains
  • Developers of game-dev tools

Application Process:

  • Interested parties must submit grant applications detailing their project, goals, and budgetary requirements.
  • Review timelines vary based on the builder category, ensuring a balanced and efficient evaluation process.
  • Grant recipients are encouraged to expedite project development, maximizing the impact of the allocated funds.

Grant Committee:

  • A dedicated committee will be established to oversee the grant evaluation and decision-making process.
  • The committee will predominantly consist of esteemed game builders with recognized expertise on Arbitrum.
  • The committee could not vote for their own proposal.
  • And committee members should get a payout of $ARB that has to be stated so people will want to step forward to participate in the committee.

Key Considerations:

  • Emphasis on supporting projects that contribute to the growth and sustainability of the gaming ecosystem on Arbitrum and Orbit Chains.
  • Transparent and inclusive decision-making processes, incorporating community input through a voting system.
  • Continuous improvement of the grant program based on feedback from the gaming community and evolving industry trends.


The Experimental Incentive Program for Games(EIPG) is designed to catalyze innovation and accelerate the development of games on Arbitrum and Orbit Chains.

By providing timely and substantial financial support, we aim to empower builders of all scales and contribute to the vibrant and dynamic gaming landscape within Arbitrum Eco.