Proposal for Funding Gas Rebate and Trading Competition Program to Amplify Arbitrum’s Ecosystem Growth

Curia will vote DO NOT FUND on this proposal after we’ve reviewed the Rage Trade AIP for a gas rebate and trading incentive program in the Arbitrum ecosystem.We’ve identified concerns that guide our decision.

Prematurity and Allocation Concerns:
Rage Trade V2’s platform, still in its pre-launch phase, raises concerns about the premature allocation of 1.5 million ARB tokens without a proven track record. We recommend waiting for the platform’s launch and evaluating its actual tractions and performances before considering such a significant incentive.

STIP Round 2 and Fair Distribution:
Engaging in STIP’s Round 2 presents a more equitable opportunity for Rage Trade to seek incentives, aligning with our principles of fairness and balanced resource allocation. This approach not only supports new projects but also ensures fairness for those initiatives that did not receive grants in the first round of STIP, maintaining an inclusive and supportive environment within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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