Proposal [Non-Constitutional]: The Establishment of ‘Arbitrum Impact’ a 501c3 Funded by the People Powered Blockchain, Governed by the Arbitrum DAO

UPDATE 6/14: People Powered is rescinding this offer due to lack of interest from the Arbitrum Community.

Abstract – This proposal aims to create an open and transparent avenue for members of the Arbitrum community to make an impact financially, digitally and in a hands-on manner as a collective when natural and manmade disasters strike anywhere in the world. Through a $350,000 grant of gas and governance coins from People Powered, to the Arbitrum DAO with which it can use our future ‘Impact’ tooling with, as a collective DAO. (Disclosure: this will come at $0 cost to the DAO)

Motivation – The blockchain space – as a whole – lacks a tangible way to engage with communities in crisis globally in a way that 1. Connects them directly to communities experiencing a crisis whether it be a manmade, or natural disaster and 2. Transparently provides though 3 different means, thousands of ways to assist while quantifying the impact made through assisting those communities, during a crisis.

In truth the blockchain space, disaster response / emergency management space, and humanitarian spaces collectively lack an avenue to create direct-to-community impact around natural and manmade disasters in a truly decentralized, transparent manner with any mechanism that rewards and encourages open, inclusive, merit-based leadership from all stakeholders, involved in a crisis, or in the response to it.

We aim to solve that not only for Arbitrum, but, for the blockchain space through the utilization of Arbitrum Orbit and Arbitrum Impact (the proposed 501c3), and we aim to solve this problem for all industries mentioned above through the People Powered Blockchain, People Powered’s Impact Network, and its nascent tooling currently in development (Referenced in some depth (here) at

Rationale – Insert the backbone of People Powered, its L3 Orbit blockchain. A mere feature, paired with its ‘Impact Network’ and tooling which brings the blockchain and wider disaster response, emergency management and humanitarian spaces collectively together with members of a community in crisis to solve a glaring issue in a powerful decentralized manner.

The issue being the traditionally exclusive, non-transparent and unscalable nature of traditional centralized responses to crises at large. That often times don’t empower the community itself to lead, and take action. And in a time when the climate is indeed shifting, what’s needed is something only true decentralization, championed by the wider blockchain community, can solve.

Blockchains operating initially via Proof of Work like Ethereum – where a network of everyday people, provided compute in a decentralized manner to power the network – must adapt the ways in which it continues to champion decentralization (where it makes sense to) as compute becomes a centralized function of blockchain transaction processing or it risks becoming a mere payment processing technology as a sole use-case.

People Powered – in the original sprit of blockchain technology – and in the spirit of Arbitrum’s mission of decentralization, will further advance practical decentralization (through the use of blockchain) well beyond it’s practicality as seen in uses such as DAO’s. We will do this while showcasing the overwhelming effectiveness of truly decentralized organizations as we’ve indeed already done through past iterations of People Powered that did not incorporate blockchain technology (reference some of the stories in the news section at

We seek to include the Arbitrum community through ‘Arbitrum Impact’ in our mission (aligned with the DAO’s) in the launch, and governance of a fund provided by us, and in the launch and governance of People Powered and the Impact Network and its tooling.

The technological advancements stemming from my teams’ 20 years of experience in concepting, upstarting & managing the largest decentralized community responses to some of the worst natural disasters in US history are only made sustainable and scalable through an Orbit L3, as a backbone. This proposal is our way of giving back, and empowering Arbitrum to do the same through our tooling and the proposed Arbitrum Impact fund provided by us.

Key Terms: 501c3 – A 501c3 is the legal term used to represent a US-based (non-political) non-profit entity or corporation.

Steps to Implement – If approved, People Powered will create and register the ‘Arbitrum Impact’ 501c3 with an initial board of 3 people and set of initial boilerplate bylaws. People Powered will fund ‘Arbitrum Impact’ with $350,000 worth of our Purpose & Impact coins.

Board and Bylaws – I will chair the board initially upon its creation and then in August we will open the process up to elections and I will step down so that the DAO can elect a proper board and chair selected by the Arbitrum community as a collective whole. The responsibility of the board will be a mere 2 things written into it’s bylaws:

  1. To distribute – via multisig approval – the funds we’ve provided, and more specifically to distribute as DAO members see fit through our tooling (See Financial Impact & Tooling at when our tooling becomes available for public use (See “Timeline” below).
  2. To execute – via multisig approval – the collective wishes of the DAO in a single vote, as they relate to the Impact Network’s governance features. (See Governance at

The Creation of a Simple’ Arbitrum Impact’ Interface: The Arbitrum DAO will need to create an interface, or add to it’s existing interfaces via snapshot and the forums, ‘Arbitrum Impact’, as a feature giving all Arbitrum DAO members the ability to do the following 2 things with the funds we’ve provided, and when our tooling is available for public use:

  1. The ability to add (and vote on) proposals that advocate for the use (on a per-crisis basis) of the funds we’ve donated to the DAO. Such use of funds must be only through our tooling, currently in development (See “Timeline” below).
  2. The ability for the DAO and its members to propose (and vote on) proposals that they would like to submit through People Powered’s proposal system currently in development. The DAO will then be able to (through its Purpose & Impact coin holdings, granted by us) have voting power within our governance system.

Specifications & Timeline

6/13-6/30: We’d like to collect feedback from the wider community until June 30th 2024, and revise and add any further details based on community feedback to our proposal as needed. During this time we seek a delegate (to bring this proposal to a vote) who has strong ties to communities both within and outside of Arbitrum who are engaged in lines of work that create Impact.

6/30-7/30: We’ll look to you, the DAO community to rally support, and present potential board members for ‘Arbitrum Impact’. We’d like to hold an initial snapshot vote on July 21st with delegate and community support followed by a final vote on July 30th to chose and induct a full board at which point we will transfer coins to a single wallet, and set up the board’s multisig to safekeep the coins.

8/20-10/20: Over a 2 month timeline from August 20th until October 20th People Powered will make use of existing tech to respond to crises. We will make our name during this period while showcasing the need for the tech.

10/30-12/30: We’ll begin to rollout our tech starting with our chain, network KYC and coin trading.

January 2025-December 2025: We’ll begin to rollout the impact network’s actual tooling, when the coins granted to the DAO can be used within our tooling, the DAO should alert the wider community to Arbitrum Impact’s existence and how to use and utilize it as a member of the DAO (through the interfaces that the DAO needs to create, mentioned in the previous section).

Overall Cost – $0 aside from $2000 to cover legal filings for the creation of the 501c3 (which will be covered by People Powered) Board positions will be un-stipended initially with the exception being the cost to prepare and file quarterly financial disclosures as is standard for 501c3 organizations.

Thanks for reading,

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Danny McGlashing,

Founder of People Powered - We’re building the world’s first community-based crisis response blockchain, toolkit & global network for humanitarians and communities in crisis everywhere — Powered by You.

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I have a few questions:

  1. Why DAO (People Powered) should fund this initiative. If it’s a charity, you can simply tell everyone that you accept donations of ARB tokens.
  2. Why do you want to make the project an American jurisdiction? Crises happen more often in other countries than in the United States.
  3. Is there not a single charitable organization in the United States that one could rely on? Why can’t we just direct funds to already established organizations.
  4. I didn’t see the project budget. You say that you only need 2000 for lawyers, but what about the salaries of employees and the head of the organization?

To your points:

  1. I think you’ll want to review the People Powered site a bit more, it isn’t a charity (we don’t accept grants or donations) but instead, a global decentralized response org that will also incorporate government and existing orgs. The blockchain element is a needed feature.

  2. Tax purposes for Arb Impact; to keep it lightweight, as 0 reporting needs to be done when issuing micro-grants or donations.

  3. The existing global response structure is ineffective. I’ve shown that irl with past projects I’ve launched that led responses (see a few of my experiences that I’ve shared about upstarting and leading massive responses, and why the tooling I’m building is needed - on our website). It’s also a $200 billion dollar + industry.

  4. We don’t need $2000. The project budget would have been People Powered setting up, and gifting Arb Impact $350k with which it can collectively use our tooling with.