Proposal: Request for Inclusion in Arbitrum DAO Airdrop for Pickle Finance

Dear Arbitrum DAO,

As a long-time supporter of Arbitrum and co-founder of Pickle Finance, I would like to congratulate you on the successful launch of your DAO. I am writing to make a case for the inclusion of Pickle Finance in the Arbitrum DAO Airdrop (for protocols), as I believe our project was inadvertently omitted.


Considering Pickle Finance’s long-standing presence, ongoing activity, and strong relationships within the Arbitrum ecosystem, we kindly request that the Arbitrum DAO allocate a portion of the airdrop to our project.


Below, I present several key points that demonstrate Pickle Finance’s contributions to the Arbitrum ecosystem and our eligibility for inclusion in the airdrop.

Active Since 2021

Pickle Finance launched on Arbitrum in September 2021, making it our most active chain after the Ethereum mainnet:

In conjunction with our launch, we established a partnership with Balancer to co-incentivize liquidity for the PICKLE token on Arbitrum, further supporting our liquidity mining incentives.

Significant Activity

Since its launch, Pickle’s Arbitrum contracts have recorded over 15,000 transactions and continue to experience consistent activity. You can view the list of Pickle’s Arbitrum contracts in this Spreadsheet.

Comparison with Other Eligible Protocols

Pickle Finance currently boasts a higher TVL than other yield aggregators that were eligible for the airdrop, such as Harvest, Yearn, and Stake DAO. This will be evident by observing each protocol’s respective DefiLlama pages.


Pickle Finance is committed to fostering the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem. We would utilize any DAO allocation to encourage our existing user base to explore the vast potential of the Arbitrum ecosystem through our platform. We appreciate your consideration of our request and look forward to your response.


Pickle Finance Co-founder


Pickle has been one of the first projects in arbitrum and I have made use of their contracts since the few first days in arbitrum.

They have a long trajectory in defi and the team is solid. I would consider them for an airdrop as other protocols have been


Based on the protocols that received an Arbitrum grant, I find myself unable to provide an explanation for the exclusion of Pickle. In my estimation, Pickle ought to have been included from the outset according to any relevant metric.


Let’s see the outcome. But I think it is just to allow every early contributor to benefit from the grant.


I support this proposal. Seems like a double standard that pickle has not being included. I think it is also worth mentioning pickle has had a significant treasury on arbitrum and continues to have one to this date.

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I don’t think it’s bad, actually pickle’s TVL is very interesting and means the value it brought to the network…

However, I don’t think this proposal will pass, for now the principles and constitution of arbitrum are still being discussed and everything points to a similar path to other networks for these subsidies.

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Pickle was basically the reason I moved funds to Arbitrum and the activity that got my ARB was all based on transactions with the pickle protocol and their yield farms — I would not have bridged without them. This proposal makes sense, seems like a no-brainer, and would help them keep things going. Spread the love. Get pickled


I support this proposal. I am a longtime pickle user and was introduced to Arbitrum because of pickle farms. I bridged multiple times to Arbitrum because of pickle, and used a dozen of their farms. I would not have used Arbitrum if it were not for pickle Finance.


Given Pickle Finance’s track record and high TVL, there’s a strong case for including you in the airdrop. The partnership with Balancer and the significant number of transactions on your Arbitrum contracts further highlight your dedication.

Although, the proposal might not be passed due to the fact that there are alot of principles constituting Arbitrum DAO. But nevertheless, i am rooting for this proposal.

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I support this proposal. I would never have onboarded onto Arbitrum as early as I did if it were not because of Pickle Finance. It for this reason I was able to see how suitable Arbitrum is for the defi space (among other things) and why I continued to use the chain and encourage others fo use it too.

I’ve seen a lot of less deserving projects receive the airdrop.