Proposer to gov

Propose return funds to those individuals who were affected by the webhook bot in the Dev-Announcements channel on 25th, March

On 25th, March in the Arbitrum Discord dev-announcements channel, a robot with an admin’s name dropped a link to fake arbitrum foundation website. Some of people entered that site where they could connect wallets. Once anyone connected his wallet, his Arbitrum tokens, USDC and other tokens would be transfered to a hacker’s wallet. Many people lost all of their $ARB, USDC and other tokens by clicking to the link.

Reason to propose:
The scam link appeared in Official Arbitrum Discord dev-announcements channel, which caused people believe in the link and clicked into it. The victims shouldn’t bear the loss by themselves.

Steps to Implement:
1, Download the CSV of sacmmer’s address and check the hacked amount of each wallet address
2, Refund these addresses with lost tokens or same valued USDC or $ARB.

The arbitrum foundation should evaluate this proposal and help make a proposal for voting asap.

Thanks to the Arbitrum foundation.