Proposal: Return funds to arb users who sent their airdrop tokens to the contract address

Category: Non-Constitutional AIPs

Submitted by: Wellyngton


This document (“AIP-2 ”) proposes the refund of tokens sent to contract address accidentally in airdrop day


We know that the day of the airdrop brought a lot of euphoria to users, and that by mistake, amidst the chaos created by network congestion and influencers on twitter, some users made a mistake and transferred their tokens to the contract address.
In my view, it’s fair that we give these users a second chance so that they can continue to be part of the governance of arbitrum


The Arbitrum Foundation and the DAO Governance are intended to serve as vehicles that enable impactful, transparent and fair decentralized governance by the wider Arbitrum community, by allowing more users to join the DAO we will be ensuring a more decentralized governance

Steps to Implement

1. List of address which sent $ARB to contract address

First of all we would need a list of addresses that made the mistake since the time of the airdrop, I believe the foundation or DAO members can do this.
We also need to set a deadline for rescuing these users, so that this process is not done multiple times.

2. Sent tokens to contract airdrop and add this address in airdrop list again

In my view this would be the simplest process, it would avoid transferring to private wallets by the team and we would keep the airdorp process already developed.


The arbitrum foundation would need to evaluate this proposal and give us time for a solution.

PS: Please, arbitrum foundation team, if there is anything wrong with this post, please let me know before deleting it so I can correct it.


Alas, I too have encountered such a problem. Instead of the right address, my tokens went back to the claim contract.

As an alternative to the initiative proposed by the author, you can consider this solution to the problem:

  • open a form for a week(or more) where users can insert their address and hash of the transaction with the transfer of tokens to the Arbitrum Foundation contract addresses. You don’t need a large staff to do this, and it won’t put a lot of pressure on the team.

This decision will also have a positive impact on the reputation of the team.

P.S. Such mistakes are not uncommon in the crypto space. The Arbitrum network is aimed at mass adoption, due to high speeds and cheap transactions. But the possibility of such situation will scare away new users. A step towards users by developers would inspire more trust. Also it occurred to me that if UI of Web3 interfaces would be more userfriendly I think it would be possible to reduce such situations to a minimum.


I agree with Wellyngton’s AIP.

・Let’s stop pasting a transaction or hash wallet address in this suggestion field.

Because that may be the subject of this proposal for deletion.
We would like the DAO to open a form for us.
We need to figure out how many addresses we have sent incorrectly as we do and see how much effort it calls for from the Foundation.
I am convinced that returning tokens will increase decentralization.


Thank you so much @Welly for this proposal. This will surely provide healing balm to the regret some of us carry for this mistake. It’s a fault on our part to a large extent and I believe majority of us will apology to the foundation for the inconveniences these mistakes might have caused. And also I will appreciate if this is done as quick as possible so that we can partake in the Governance of this great project…

Once again, thank you so much Welly. :+1:


this seem like a very good approach to our problem. Thank you so much Wellyngton


I agree with this AIP.
This can encourage more people to participate in DAO governance.
The purpose of airdrop is to establish more people to participate in voting. Those who obtain airdrop are obtained through their own efforts. If the token is returned to the foundation, it will discourage the arbitrum ecosystem.
According to @Brokie 's advise, I agree to create a form for all users who have the same problem.


I hope you resolve the problem i was so excited to get this airdrop and now are very sad after the work i did to be elegible…


I also agree to create a form for all users who have the same problem. Hope Arbitrum understand situation


Agreed, this would help many people


Agree with it! Hope the issue can be solved soon!Too many people loss their tokens, it will helps a lot


Good approach to our problems. Thank you


I have encountered the same issue. Thank you for raising this issue. We are ready to assist you guys in any way.


good idea, I supported it


Good idea. But let’s see, previous proposals were deleted, it has been more than 24 hours since the airdrop & they still not have made any statement regarding this issue. :pensive:


I totally agree what what Welly said. Some of us didn’t even initiate the transaction. Nor was our wallets hacked. The foundation should help do something abt this. It’s a sincere plead.


okey i will take a look at this later…


My token send unfortunately Your contact address. Sir check it please my all proof submit here. Help for my family. As soon as possible.


Thanks good approach clearly no one sends the tokens to the foundation willingly. There were Auto transferred.
Please team help the community.
Appreciate y’all


How could someone send the ARB tokens to contract address?

Can someone explain me?


I believe the rationale is problematic. If the intention of the users that sent all their alloc to the distributor address was to participate in the DAO, they wouldn’t have been sending it frantically in the first place.

I am sorry if you lost your tokens because of your mistake, and it is legitimate to do this proposal, but this looks like a lot of man-power to recover tokens of people that got rekt trying to dump them.

just my two cents!