Questions + Clarity about LTIPP

Just wanted to bring some questions to light as we asked them and realized that many others have had the same questions. Hoping to centralize the discussion in this forum to achieve better alignment.

We were looking at the Tally for LTIPP and realized that some of the eligibility requirements were unclear.

Question 1

Must be Live Requirement: Grantees must be live on Arbitrum at the time of application.

Questions: What exactly does live mean? Their token is on Arb trading? Their product is deployed? They are using ARB testnet?

Thoughts: It is our understanding that the purpose of this program is to bring over new users and protocols that want to come build on Arbitrum. If we are only allowing projects that are currently on Arbitrum, this may stifle innovation and prevent competition. We believe that Projects that have been loyally building on Arbitrum should certainly be able to apply and earn a grant. With that, we also believe that the more diversity and total applications that we get the better for the overall program. Competition makes everyone better. If we can bring over high quality projects that otherwise wouldn’t consider Arbitrum, they will come, realize how great this ecosystem is and stay for the long term. It would be really exciting to see a bunch of new or seasoned protocols on Arbitrum.

Of course the project should have to deploy on Arbitrum and reach their milestones before they receive any funding, but that would be an easy milestone to add that also gives the program flexibility during the application process noted above.

Question 2

Dashboard Requirement: If dashboards are not posted by this date, the multisig will be empowered to halt incentive funding streams for protocols at their discretion.

Question: What date?

We want to open this thread to all questions of this sort on the LTIPP so that there is one place to find all of the answers. If anyone has any feedback on our thoughts or any additional questions please feel free to use this thread!


I have a thought on the first point. Perhaps in this way they wanted to attract projects that have already been implemented on other chains, so it costs them nothing to launch their application on Arbitrum.
There should be no restrictions for new projects, but by default it is more difficult for them to get funding for a project that is not yet working.

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