Saludiego201.eth Delegate Communication Thread

With this post, there will be a record and record of each of the votes, plus their justification, with me, with you as a community, and with the people who chose to delegate their ARBs to me.

Name (organization or individual) Diego Ortiz

Wallet Address or ENS Saludiego201.eth

Tally Profile Tally | Saludiego201.eth

What area are you most interested in contributing to? choose up tot wo tags:

  • Public Goods funding
  • DeFi development on Arbitrum
  • Improving Governance participation
  • Supporting Infrastructure
  • Tooling, Improving protocol decentralization
  • IRL Arbitrum community gatherings

Please share your stance on overall goals for the DAO:

how aggressive should we be in liquidity mining, what is the goal of the DAO?

I am not the biggest fan of liquidity mining, at least not directly from a DAO; I think that in the best of many cases the best is to apply to different protocols that kind of incentives, maybe like Optimism that brought diverse uses to its network incentivizing it in an indirect way in usability and ecosystem.

Sample Voting Issue 1:

  1. How would you vote?


  1. What amendments would you make to the proposal if any?

Diversity of opinions and participants should be the main objective of a DAO, if a small group centralizes power, the name DAO is only an aggregate.

Something that can help is to predefine in the beginning the creation of committees and delimit the members it should have at the expense of increasing diversity against personal interests.

  1. How would you approach the tradeoff between centralization of authority and the ability to get things done?

It is a bad reference to the DAOs, the more decentralized the more difficult it is to agree, but I feel that the committees or delegates fulfill that vital function of representing the voice of many in order to optimize the governance processes.

Sample Voting Issue 2:

  1. Split Reimbursement

A DAO must ensure the best environment for its members and also take into account their survival, therefore it will depend a lot on the cases and the type of hack, by literally draining their funds I do not think they can pay.

That’s why I think the best thing to do, and depending on the case like FEI, is to return money to those affected, maybe under a vesting system or the DAO can get down to work to look after the interests of its users.

Languages I speak and write: spanish and learning english

Disclosure of Conflict(s) of Interest:

I am confident that I have no conflicts of interest that would not allow me to perform my role in the best possible way.

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AIP-1.1 - Lockup, Budget, Transparency : Vote against: It seems to me an excessively high budget to be the first intention of what they can do.

I would prefer that it could be done in quarterly cuts to be able to favour the good will of the Foundation with the voters and to evaluate their participation in real time.

AIP-1.2 - Foundation and DAO Governance: Vote For: The changes made to the constitution are highly positive in my opinion.

They are internal changes that are highlighting the importance of the DAO before the foundation.