Stryke Delegate Communication Thread

1 Poll Closing April 12, 2024

AIP: Empowering Early Contributors: The community Arbiter Proposal 2.0
Summary: This proposal proposes to allocate 125,000 $ARB tokens, equal to 0.00125% of the total supply, to recognize and reward the outstanding contributions of the Arbitrum community member known as “Arbiter”.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. Is known that these contributors helped to onboard users during the initial days of Arbitrum being live. We agreed with the allocation amount as the impact was significant on onboarding users and defi projects towards de chain.

1 Poll Closing April 12, 2024

AIP: Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO

Summary: proposal to expand Tally support for the Arbitrum DAO by improving the proposal process, upgrading the Governor contracts, and highlighting delegate contributions. Tally also propose to ensure that the DAO is set up for success by researching specifications for partial delegation and shielded voting.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. Tally can be considered the front-end for onchain voting within the Arb Ecosystem. The proposal is pretty detailed for the improvements they want to develop and from a community perspective, onchain voters feel comfortable using Tally UI. we think this will further enhance the governance voting UX.

1 Poll Closing April 20, 2024

AIP: Request for Continuation of the Arbitrum DDA Program Request

Summary: proposal to renew the Arbitrum DDA Program with a budget of $4M for two quarters. The domain allocators will utilize this budget to fund proposals that align with Arbitrum’s roadmap.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. The DDA team are rockstars for running this program with such grit and detailed info on their impact on the Arb Ecosystem. We are voting FOR as we believe they are net positive for the Arb ecosystem and provide a lot of transparency on their funding program that help many projects get started on our network

1 Poll Closing April 23, 2024

Snapshot: Delegate to Voter Enfranchisement Pool — Event Horizon

Summary: proposal to fund Horizon metagovernance block.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. After carefully learning more about the metagovernance initiative and clearing some queries with the proposal OP regarding who’s going to fund the audit for the metegovernance smart contracts, we are voting FOR and as we believe this type of program can further deepen Arbitrum governance participation.

1 Poll Closing April 24, 2024

Snapshot: Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights & the Right to Privacy

Summary: Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights & the Right to Privacy

Recommendation: Vote Yes. This is a no brainer for us, funding litigation for our developers within our ecosystem is paramount to fight back against centralized parties who endanger the future of out industry. We voted FOR after making sure the funds will be used to also said the Tornado Cash developers.

1 Poll Closing April 25, 2024

Snapshot: Subsidy Fund for Security Services

Summary: proposal for the creation of a procurement subsidy fund allocating up to $10 million worth of ARB to provide financial assistance to both new and existing projects within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. We voted FOR a program where new and current Arbitrum projects get access to audit/security services. While there might be caveats on eligibility, we look forward the first cohort of this program and hopefully the effects are net positive for the projects and the Arbitrum ecosystem in general.

Delegate Communication Thread for May activity:

1 Poll Closing May 02, 2024

Snapshot: GovHack at ETH CC (Brussels)

Summary: proposal from Hack Humanity seeking $309k of funding from the Arbitrum DAO to host an event and after-party coinciding with ETH CC 1 in Brussels

Recommendation: Vote Yes. We voted FOR, As we see the funding amount appropriate for the outcomes hackathons produce in those sort of events(new POC, networking and projects)

1 Poll Closing May 03, 2024

Snapshot: Grant Request - Curve Finance

Summary: proposal from Curve Finance seeking 237,500 ARB tokens of funding from the Arbitrum DAO to establish a deeply liquid borrowing and lending market for ARB token

Recommendation: Vote Yes. We voted FOR, As we see Curve Finance a net positive for the Defi ecosystem in Arbitrum and their proposal seem adequate with a grant Matching. As a project that leveraged and built on top of curve finance we are in favor.

1 Poll Closing May 09, 2024

Snapshot: Proposal for Approval of DeDaub as the ADPC Security Advisor

Summary: proposal to onboard DeDaub, a renowned security services firm, to assist the ADPC.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. We voted FOR, The ask amount seems reasonable and is great to have someone with the proper expertise and domain knowledge to work with the ADPC program.

1 Poll Closing May 15, 2024

Snapshot: Pilot Phase: M&A for Arbitrum DAO

Summary: proposal to create an M&A unit for the ARB DAO.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. We voted FOR, The ask amount seems reasonable and building an M&A unit seems a good vertical to have for a rollup future development when it comes to expanding their Bizdev core services.

1 Poll Closing May 28, 2024

Snapshot: Arbitrum Multi-sig Support Service (MSS)

Summary: proposal to create a structured multi-sig framework to facilitate funded programs within Arbitrum DAO to reduce operational spend and increase proposal efficiency.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. We voted FOR, Goal and and rationale to improve multisig operations makes sense for us.

1 Poll Closing May 29, 2024

Snapshot: Streamlining the LTIPP Bounties

Summary: proposal to streamline the LTIPP bounty process by allowing the LTIPP council more autonomy in choosing who completes each bounty.

Recommendation: Vote Yes. We voted FOR, Goal and and rationale to improve and speed up incentive programs makes sense for us to vote FOR.

STIP Bridge Challenge Communication Rationale:

  1. Angle: Against, Metrics do not seem favorable for arb requested amount.
  2. Boost: Against, Metrics do not seem favorable for arb requested amount.
  3. Dolomite: For, STIP metrics looked favorable during and post-period.
  4. Furucombo: Against, Metrics do not seem favorable for arb request + wash trading concerns.
  5. Gains: For, Favorable dex protocol to incentivize trading activity in the arb ecosystem.
  6. Kyberswap: Against, Metrics do not seem favorable for second round.
  7. Mux, For, lowered requested amount to be more in-line with post stip metrics.
  8. OpenOcean: Abstain, Metrics seem incomplete to make final decision.
  9. Sanko GameCorp: For, one of the few games on arbitrum with traction and present narrative while experimenting the NOVA L3 tech stack.
  10. SavvyDao: For, requested amount seems reasonable.
  11. Socket: Against, Metrics not complete + remaining funds were not sent back to the stip committee after period.
  12. Solv Protocol: For, metrics and requested amount are reasonable.
  13. Stake: Against, Metrics not favorable for requested amount.
  14. Stargate: For, Metrics and requested amount are reasonable + battle tested bridge with NOVA support.
  15. Thales: For, Metrics seems favorable for requested amount.
  16. Thetanuts: For, metrics seems favorable for request amount.
  17. Tide: Against, metrics or impact on the arb ecosystem not meaningful.
  18. Umami: For, metrics and impact on the arb ecosystem seem reasonable.