Shall we create a staking contract?

Many of us hodlers has a bag of $ARB token and has no where to put them except LP. LP are risky and doing LP at this low price feels like selling $ARB. Yet, having tokens sitting in the wallet doing nothing feels very weird. What if we utilize a little amount of $ARB in the DAO treasury to create a temporary staking contract (~3 months), so that token holders can have a place for their tokens to do work for them, meanwhile we figure out how to form the DAO and make it work.

Take ETH staking as an example, assume 20% of token holders will stake their tokens, and earn an APY of 4%, and the staking incentives last for 3 months, token required will be:

1.275B x 20% x 4% x 0.25 = 2.55 Million tokens

Which is only 25% of that sold by the foundation, seems fair?


*SEC knocking at the door *


That’s not a wise thing to do for serious long term projects. Staking is when you are providing security to the network participating in a PoS consensus.