Sequencer fees sharing for $arb holder


Might be time to discuss :

“Arbitrum made $72.8m in revenue over the past 365d. However, $53.2m of that accrued to $ETH holders instead of $ARB holders.”

Yes eth security blabla, I am focused into arb value accrual. And arbitrum is the home of defi.

Owning the ARB, unfortunately, does not provide any advantages for the sequencer, but ETH staking gives.
If you are trying to refer to a similar offer from Uniswap, then the income there will go not to the owners of UNI, but to those who staked it.


Note that arb staking is coming so basiaclly I was speaking as an additional feature?

Why don’t you then write an official proposal here to discuss it with all participants?
It will be interesting

Hello, this income is not accurate. As l2, arb must pay costs to l1. Therefore, if we really want to generate revenue for arb, we should deduct the cost and decentralize the sorter, allowing users to pledge arb to maintain the sorter. In this regard, arb is already developing testnets with several projects.

Being a random anon in this DAO is costly. I have been trying to push a proposal, people weren’t interested and not much discussion happened.

I waste so much energy to make a proposal, and when you ask questions on arb or plutus discord you get banned.

So i don’t care anymore, lots of shady things happening right now

Hi, can you give some references to the projects you mentioned?