[Silo Finance] [FINAL] [STIP - Round 1]

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Thank you Matt, we appreciate it.


Solid builders, I agree.

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Hello @Aiham.eth ,

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Updated our comment.

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Noted, thank you for the feedback Mr. Capital

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Hello @stonecoldpat @cliffton.eth @eli_defi

We are ready to proceed to the Final stage.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback, we have made the following changes:


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We endorse this proposal
The focus on creating a network effect around deposits that is not reliant on long-term incentives is both strategic and prudent.


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Silo: @Aiham.eth

From @Seedgov led by the @cattin delegation, we want to convey our support to this proposal. The reasons why we agree are as follows:

  • It addresses the challenge of money markets with unified liquidity. Although their stablecoin has not significantly increased TVL yet, the Loan Silos show promising growth.
  • They are in the process of adopting more innovative mechanisms. Thanks to a collaboration with Curve on Ethereum, it is possible to mint crvUSD from some silos. So far, they have not faced any unpayable debts.
  • The relationship between the grant and TVL seems consistent with growth prospects and protocol advantages. Additionally, the implementation of ARB silos enhances the token’s utility.

We want to clarify that this is not the final vote, since as we clarify in this release, the final vote is defined by our community. We also want to invite you to attend our Governance Call that will be held tomorrow in our discord.


Thank you so much for your support. We will attend the call, we appreciate the invite.


Thanks for having us! Was a blast sharing with the LATAM Community!

Firstly, thank you for the proposal. We are aware that Silo Finance is a quite established protocol. It’s very valuable that you have shared the work in the distribution framework publicly. The fact that equivalent SILO will be placed for 1M ARB, that Silo v2 will launch on Arbitrum, and the supported assets represent the majority of the ecosystem are the reasons why we, as ITU Blockchain, support this proposal.

We are voting “For” in the voting.

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This was well thought out and I’m voting for, but I do have a question. Who are the large voters here that showed up for this vote. I haven’t seen them vote elsewhere, but I’m not done yet…

Shared with Zight

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Thank you so much to everyone in Turkey! We appreciate the support <3

Which delegate?

I’m seeing they voted on a majority of proposals - all these delegates and their respective orgs can be seen here: Tally | Arbitrum delegates

The Tally delegates page was our only source of reference for reaching out, some people didn’t have twitter but we reached out through other social medias where available.

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