SEED Latam Delegate Communication Thread

Arbitrum Short-term Incentive Program

On October 11th, we held our 13th governance call at SEED Latam in collaboration with L2 in Spanish, where we discussed how to allocate votes from the Short-term incentive program with our community.

Participants: 55 attendees

Duration: 1h 20m


Given the nature of the vote and the large volume of proposals, as I have already mentioned, we formed a working group to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the proposals. The process was as follows:

  1. We examined the initial 106 proposals, asking specific questions related to each protocol.
  2. From those, we selected 32 proposals totaling 54,398,000 ARB.
  3. The community had the opportunity to vote for the protocols on our Snapshot, aiming to reach the 50M ARB figure. If you wish to understand our process in depth, you can refer to here and here.
  4. Based on the community voting results, we cast our vote on the Arbitrum snapshot in favor of the protocols that received the most support. Below, you will find a detailed list of these proposals.

Voting and rational


  1. Archi Finance
  2. AngleProtocol
  3. Balancer
  4. Beefy
  5. Camelot
  6. Curve
  7. Dolomite
  8. Dopex
  9. Gamma
  10. GMX
  11. JonesDAO
  12. OmniBTC
  13. PancakeSwap
  14. Perennial Finance
  15. Pendle
  16. Radiant
  17. Ramses
  18. StakeDAO
  19. Sanko GameCorp
  20. Shell protocol
  21. Silo
  22. Socket
  23. Stargate
  24. Tally
  25. Thales
  26. Timeswap
  27. Trader Joe
  28. Umami Finance


  1. GMD Ecosystem
  2. MUX
  3. Lodestar Finance
  4. WINR Protocol
  5. Shell Protocol


  • All protocols that were left out of this list


The volume of proposals was substantial, and the time for evaluation was limited. Surely, as governance, we need to continue refining the process, but despite these challenges, achieving this fund allocation coordinated by ArbitrumDAO has been a success.

On our part, as SEED Latam, we acknowledge that our process was somewhat cumbersome and confusing but by no means arbitrary. We always include and educate the community when making decisions. We have learned from this experience and will continue to enhance our internal processes for the benefit of Arbitrum and our community.