STEP Program Manager Applications

I have voted 100% for Steakhouse.

Simply put, it seems Steakhouse has the most experience and the most impressive application of the four running. I think that is very important given the stage the RWA proposal is at right now, and look forward to what they can bring to the DAO.

With the understanding Steakhouse is technically the most expensive, I think the cost difference in the 8+ provider scenario is negligible and worth the extra experience brough to the project (125k / 150k / 155k vs Steakhouse’s 174k). As ultimately it’s a question of $20k to $40k difference.

I recognize others have expressed concerns about conflicts of interested, but I am satisfied with @thedevanshmehta 's answer above and don’t have concerns about it to the point I’d not vote for them

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The below response portrays the views of the @AranaDigital governance team, represented by @farfel.eth.

We first want to thank all applicants for their effort and communication throughout this process. All four teams have extensive experience and would be great contributors to this program and the Arbitrum DAO. With that said, we are voting 50% for @steakhouse, 50% @Avantgarde for this Snapshot proposal. Steakhouse Financial’s team has extensive experience with DAOs, proven expertise in RWA monitoring, and comprehensive reporting capabilities making them a top choice for the STEP program. Avantgarde brings strong experience with DAOs and comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Their depth of knowledge in both traditional finance and blockchain makes them a very strong candidate.

We recognize that there have been concerns about conflicts of interest, but we believe the team’s transparency and willingness to maintain clarity throughout the program are more than satisfactory.

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Thanks to everyone for taking your time to evaluate our candidacy. We appreciate everyone who participated and especially those who reached out to learn more about us. We wish Steakhouse the best of luck and look forward to supporting the DAO in other ways going forward.


Congrats to @steakhouse for winning the position, the program is in good hands going forward. I’ll be working with them after the committees recommendations are approved on ensuring a smooth handoff to them.

I also thank all the other participants competing for the position. While the end outcome is disappointing, I do hope the increased brand awareness of your organization among Arbitrum voters made it a worthwhile exercise!

I voted for Avantgarde and Steakhouse financial because I think they have the most relevant experience for this role. I weighted Avantgarde higher (75%) because I agree with their point that “Since Avantgarde was not part of the screening committee for the service providers, we feel we are in a good position to act in an unbiased way in monitoring the providers selected, and can provide an additional independent level of oversight beyond the opinions provided at the screening stage.”

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First things first, we want to thank all applicants for submitting comprehensible and detailed appeals. Our vote is in favor of, because when we examine their track record, they look suitable for the position and we think they will do a great job for the Arbitrum. When it comes to budget, the amount looks reasonable as well.