STIP Bridge Funded Protocols Results

The STIP Bridge optimistic funding vote and challenge snapshots have concluded. The following 39 protocols will be funded for 28,661,022 ARB.

These protocols are currently going through the compliance process. We aim to distribute the first batch of incentives to these protocols on June 10th. These grants will then be streamed bi-weekly for twelve weeks.

Protocol Grant Amount ARB
Abracadabra DAO 750,000
Balancer 600,000
Camelot 1,545,000
dForce 500,000
Dolomite 500,000
Frax Finance 750,000
Gains Network 2,250,000
Gamma 375,000
GMX 5,400,000
Jones DAO 1,000,000
KyberSwap 450,000
Lodestar Finance 375,000
Magpie Ecosystem 625,000
Mux Protocol 1,900,000
Notional 250,000
Pendle 1,000,000
Perennial Finance 375,000
Premia 420,000
Radiant Capital 1,426,022
Ramses 624,000
Rodeo Finance 60,000
Sanko GameCorp 250,000
Shell Protocol 375,000
Silo Finance 500,000
Solv Protocol 150,000
Stargate Finance 750,000
Stella 186,000
Stryke 750,000
Tales of Elleria 50,000
Tally 200,000
Thales Protocol 200,000
Thetanuts Finance 200,000
Timeswap 200,000
Trader Joe 755,000
Umami Finance 375,000
Vela Exchange 500,000
Vertex 1,500,000
Winr Protocol 250,000
Woofi 395,000

Congrats to the 40 protocols! It’s great to see the Arbitrum ecosystem getting more and more prosperous!

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Hope to see many powerful, effective initiatives to drive further engagement with Arbitrum <3

Hey Matt, are projects that went through compliance for the first STIP round required to do anything again for this distribution?

As a user, I have to say that those are all top top projects and I cannot wait for STIP round 3. I hope that we will ask again to the protocols if they want to receive more money thanks to this perfectly functional decentralized governance process.

It would be great if the links to proposals was described beside.