STIP Grant Recipients Update

Hello Arbitrum DAO,

First off, thank you to the community for making this program happen! Thanks to everyone who helped create this program, submitted proposals, took the time to read and comment on the forum, and voted on all 97 proposals!

Since the 50M ARB budget was exceeded with over 78M in successful proposals, the funding will be allocated based on the number of “For” votes according to the On-chain proposal seen below.

Congrats to the following proposals for becoming eligible for funding provided they pass KYC and sign the Arbitrum Foundation Grant Agreement.

Protocol Total “For” Votes ARB Funding Amount
Camelot 201,422,584 3,090,000
Jones DAO 199,095,833 2,000,000
Dopex 196,912,102 1,500,000
GMX 186,362,851 12,000,000
Galxe 184,518,014 500,000
Lodestar Finance 183,705,825 750,000
Socket 182,790,935 1,000,000
Timeswap 182,671,118 200,000
Radiant 181,686,359 2,852,044
Pendle 181,578,880 2,000,000
MUX 179,755,351 6,000,000
Frax Finance 179,487,684 1,500,000
Tally 178,820,757 200,000
Rysk 175,823,835 500,000
Silo Finance 174,539,484 1,000,000
Stella 174,206,609 186,000
Good Entry 173,680,896 200,000
Gamma 173,257,984 750,000
Umami 172,075,997 750,000
Abracadabra DAO 168,956,178 1,500,000
KyberSwap 168,458,945 1,500,000
OpenOcean 166,663,979 500,000
Angle Protocol 165,649,454 700,000
Trader Joe 163,085,345 1,510,000
Dolomite 161,210,868 1,000,000
Premia 160,791,209 900,000
Vertex Protocol 159,802,535 3,000,000
Perennial Finance 155,870,429 750,000
Balancer DAO 152,432,319 1,200,000
WINR Protocol 147,674,554 461,956

The Foundation will be reaching out to everyone who qualified with the next steps regarding KYC.

Those who receive funding will be required to provide bi-weekly updates and Dune Dashboards for self-reporting and monitoring (including the disclosure of incentivized contracts). I will follow up with all the grantees to explain how these updates will be documented on the forum.

More information regarding the timelines for the first payments will be provided after the KYC process has started.

As previously mentioned, since the ARB budget was used in its entirety during Round 1, this round marks the end of the STIP program.

Any extension of this program or further grants will need to be supported via a separate AIP.