STIP Winning Proposals - Next Steps

Congratulations to all the winning proposals for the Short Term Incentive Program (STIP).

As per the STIP requirements and @Matt_StableLab’s update on STIP Grant Recipients, the Arbitrum Foundation, with the STIP multi-sig’s buy-in, is tasked by the STIP proposal to handle all KYC/KYB checks on teams who are eligible to receive the funds and for arranging the Grant Agreements to be signed prior to the ARB disbursement.

The Arbitrum Foundation will reach out to all winning proposals using the contact information in their proposal. If you have not heard from the Arbitrum Foundation, then eligible projects can kickstart the KYC/KYB process by sending an email to Additionally, please send out a tweet using the project’s main Twitter account mentioning that your project has successfully qualified for the STIP.

In reaching out to the Foundation, please use the following template.

Title of email: STIP Compliance Process - Project Name

Project Name: name
Tweet URL: announcement by project’s main twitter account

Upon receipt of the email, the Foundation will start the compliance process with a third party service provider.
All formal communication will be conducted over email with Please double-check all email addresses and, if in doubt you may contact @stonecoldpat or @cliffton.eth on the forum.