Stolen coins arbitrum coins

On January 21, 2024, after logging in my metamask wallet to the link from twitter / I wanted to find out if I am entitled to the vairdrop of the “Dymension” project, the given link was on the official twitter account of the given project/, as soon as I connected the wallet there and started the chain Arbithrum all my ARB tokens have disappeared from my wallet. I can’t see any transaction or transfer data there. I can send a scan of the transaction to ethercsan .io Is it possible to help me with this? Is it possible to return the stolen Arb coins back to the wallet? thanks in advance for your reply


there is nothing that can be done. I suggest to get Rabby wallet instead of Metamask, as it can simulate your transactions and warns you. Overall security is way better.


Well thank you . Did you mean Rabbit wallet? Apple store Rabby not found.

Odoslané z iPhonu

There is no mobile app currently available. Rabby wallet is for now only a browser extension or a desktop wallet made by DeBank. Dont fall for any links, check their official website.