Arbitrum Questions lost funds

Dear Arbidrum forum members,

I am writing this letter seeking assistance regarding a troubling issue I encountered with my ARB tokens. Recently, I saved up 400 ARB tokens with the intention of unlocking the loan in Radiant. However, to my dismay, the tokens have vanished without a trace. This unexpected loss has brought me dangerously close to liquidation, and I find myself in a state of helplessness. I have reached out to various sources in search of an answer, but regrettably, I have yet to receive a satisfactory explanation.

I want to emphasize that I did not authorize or sign any transaction related to the disappearance of my ARB tokens. Additionally, when I checked my Metamask transaction history, there is no record of any such transaction taking place. This situation has left me utterly perplexed and concerned about the security of my assets.

In my pursuit of answers, I stumbled upon two transactions associated with my account, which I believe might hold some crucial information. The first transaction hash is: [1]. The second transaction hash is: [2]. Upon reviewing these transactions, I noticed that the “Interacted With (To)” field mentions the contract 0x912ce59144191c1204e64559fe8253a0e49e6548 (Arbitrum Foundation: ARB Token) [1].

Furthermore, I observed that the second transaction seems to be missing the color from the logo, which raises additional concerns [2]. I am hopeful that someone knowledgeable can shed light on these matters and guide me toward a resolution. I am determined to prevent my account from being liquidated, as I firmly believe in the potential of web 3 technologies. Over the past three years, I have consistently added 100 euros to my balance each month, and yet my current balance is less than 500 euros. This incident has dealt a severe blow to my morale, as it was the first time I felt a sense of affirmation in my decision-making process.

I kindly request your assistance in finding answers to the following questions:

  1. What could be the reason behind the disappearance of my ARB tokens?
  2. How can I retrieve or recover these tokens to avoid liquidation (If can off curse)?
  3. Why does the second transaction lack the logo’s color, and could it be related to the issue at hand?
  4. Why the contract I interact says Arbitrum Foundation? Is it fraud? and if yes can we do something more active to prevent this for happening ?

I sincerely hope that someone within the Arbidrum community can provide valuable insights and support. Your expertise and guidance would be immensely appreciated in helping me safeguard my assets and restore my faith in the platform.

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Best regards, [Andys zi [Your 0x21e2a6fcca3d051928085c746043be57193178c7 Address]

References: [1] Transaction Details - 0x17e05a91a5950785c3b968e4e4ac35cd5b672b2a9e96877047935b8c89f67146. Retrieved from: link1 [2] Transaction Details


i would suggest you Reach out to the support team of the Arbidrum probably on Discord immediately so they can look into it @animal .


Sorry about that. I would suggest you reach out to arbitrum support team and lay your complaints.


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I loat a significant (well significant amount to me) of arb tokens because the airdrop page refused to load for me due to too much traffic, i was robbed of 2200 dollars, now who do you suggest we contact exactly? Ive tried and never get any responses back, thabk you.


Hi, you’re not the only one that experienced this. We have complained of sudden disappearance of token during the airdrop stage but nothing had been done. I’m afraid that’s the end of it all.


> King in the north

Has anyone started a voting process? Let’s empower someone who has also lost tokens, just like us, by granting them the authority (with their remaining tokens) to initiate a vote. Are you willing to take the lead and move forward?


Yea man the funny thing is though i bet anyone with vote power were either not robbed or did rob people. Im down for sure but its looking like just like real life, no hope.


Has there been any developments in the, what appears to be millions of dollars in stolen tokens, refund or help in any way? This type of thing is not unheard of and apparently not impossible, juno to name one project, went super righteous, targeted one of the main thieves and managed to compensate a large portion of victims from their airdrop. Around here we dont even get reaponses or taken seriously, ive sent countless emails, messages on here, diacord, twitter, and silence. If this is how arbitrum wants to operate then ill just bounce to optimism and never look back.


Yes we need some help for us people, my airdrop was 875 and as it looks to be all right back to the foundation, please can somebody help get this resolved


I don’t know how many complaints I’ve wrote, not just on here, but I’ve asked for help with this for a week and nobody will respond


oh my god sorry, try to contact the support on github of arbitum dev maybe


As myself and others have pointed out we have tried contacted every imaginavle entity without so much as a response. It looks like the threads on thsi forum never get taken seriously either so screw arbitrum. Anyone else heard anyth8ng yet?


I did contact them directly on GitHub and I got a response, “This is not the place for your issue, contact discord”. I was shocked at how rudely being treated,
I’ve contacted every single person/group/organization etc. that I could think of or was referred to, most all won’t respond to me no support group, nothing, and been at this for 3 or 4 months now and this is such a true disappointment how excited contributors as myself have been to join in on this ecosystem hoping for something good to come out of your free contributions to communities just to be discouraged by people’s greed

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I have, and have gotten no response

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Im right there with you bro, i finally got a supposed support to respond in discord about a month ago and laid out the whole thing and was basically told it was my own stupid fault and i wont be getting any funds back, as far as eth side chains go my loyalty shall remain with optimism!

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Does no good, got no help, i fact I was told that devs on GitHub was not the place to get support for this ongoing issue and I’ve been told back and fourth here and there and emails everywhere and I’ve gotten no help and am truest disappointed to have put so much effort in to all this, as it all once was important to me, just to get either ignored or laughed at

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It’s sad that they can’t help