Team 3 - Ecosystem Firestarter Fund

Arbitrum GovHack Track:
Track Name: Grants Ecosystem

Challenge Statement: Reducing time to funding and creating a pathway for small grants in any vertical that also allows for scaling of the initial grant where applicable.


  • Disruption Joe
  • Brian
  • Shapley

Team Lead contact name or alias: Brian

Tag: grants-ecosystem


Proposal: Ecosystem Firestarter Fund

Category: Non-Constitutional AIPs

This proposal provides a solution for small grants to be funded in a way that reduces time and complexity. We do this by taking lessons from Questbook DDA and the Plurality Labs Firestarter program - which both have validated parts of a holistic solution - but these solutions need to be brought together to effectively address the needs of the DAO.

Questbook is too slow, needing 6-8 weeks to receive funding.

Firestarters lacked the legitimacy of authority needed for a recurring program.

An allocation fund will make funding available in 7 days.

An Ecosystem Firestarter Council will have legitimate authority.


  1. Fund a 1 million ARB allocation fund.
  2. Ratify the membership of the Ecosystem Allocation Fund
    a. Domain allocators who have received funding for a second term
  3. Ratify the rights of the allocation fund
    a. Provide 100k bridge funding allotments to current programs.
    b. Provide 100k pool for new domains which receive majority vote of council
    i. Any member can spark a firestarter grant in the new domain

The original Questbook proposal provided solutions for product market fit bets, marcoms, and OSS. This expansion will allow it to cover all functions and verticals.

The following image compares the verticals covered under the Questbook DDA with the comprehensive vertical coverage we propose. The Ecosystem Firestarter Council will also have the capacity to expand into further levels.

Type: Program Provider grant
Function: Functional expansion fund
Verticals: Vertical agnostic
Level: 1

Proposal on forum on Feb 27. Snapshot one week from today. On Tally 1 week from the snapshot. Funding pool is available 20 days after that.

The cost of this proposal is 1 million ARB.