Team #8: Better BD / Branding for Gaming in ARB

  • Track Name: Game Development Incentives
  • Challenge Statement: Proposal: Game teams don’t realize that Arbitrum has the best tech stack to build a game because of lack of PR, messaging strategy, and other aspects of communication.
  • Members: Adam, James, Dan
  • Team Lead contact name or alias (Winners will be DM’d for prize distribution): Adam & James
  • PITCH: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
  • Deck Link: Team #8: Gov Hack - Google Slides

Arbitrum GovHack Track:


Proposal: Game teams don’t realize that Arbitrum has the best tech stack to build a game because of lack of PR, messaging strategy, and other aspects of communication.

Constitutional / Non-Constitutional

Non Constitutional


Arbitrum hasn’t won the Web3 gaming vertical yet because of constrained BD & onboarding - not because of their tech. We want to enable the DAO to serve as a growth arm for Offchain Labs to onboard new game devs.

How is Success Defined

  • Increase the number of games being built on Arbitrum technology by 25%
  • Receive anecdotal feedback from the ecosystem that this offering was useful and helpful in vendor selection
  • Observable increase in speed to market for Arbitrum games v other technology stacks


Games aren’t launching on Arbitrum technology as frequently as other chains even though Arbitrum has the best tech in market. There is clearly a disconnect between the market view on ARB and the reality of what Arbitrum is capable of.


Arbitrum benefits by having more developers building on its technology in the form of additional revenue and mindshare. If Arbitrum becomes the goto technology stack for game builders, it could grow its transaction count significantly.

Steps to Implement

The steps to implement the AIP, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable. For the avoidance of doubt, any AIPs involving transactions with third parties (such as grants) will need to ensure that applicable legal documentation and procedures are also included.

  1. Identify and hire a consultant to oversee the vendor selection & management process. Ideally this is a game dev who has diligence many of the providers in the space and has gone through at least 1 but hopefully 2 or more set-ups.
  2. Enable consultant to undertake a meta study of all the vendors in the space by any means they deem appropriate, inclusive of surveys, 1:1 interview, and hands on development
  3. Once consultant has selected winning vendors, enable them to negotiate 1 by 1 with the vendors for preferred pricing for Arbitrum customers.
  4. Once vendor negotiation is complete, build a list of preferred vendors with contacts and pricing in Notion as an MVP.
    Milestone 2
  5. Once the program proves to be successful, hire a web dev firm to build out a proper website that mimics the app store experience where they can ‘checkout’ with different vendors needed to launch.


  • 1 month: Distribute survey to >10 for each category of service provider
  • 2 week: Aggregate results of survey
  • 2 months: Find a provider to develop a static website ready to display Winning providers
  • 3 months (in parallel): Finalize the process with winning service providers (negotiating preferential rates)
  • 1 week: Add winners to the app store

Overall Cost

$5k | Organize election process, inclusive of ecosystem developer reach-out
$100k | BD Team
($10k | Website Development) - Milestone 2

Total Cost: $105K - $115K

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