Thank ARB Oversight Board Charter

Hello Arbitrum Community, this is Katharina from the Thank ARB Team. The Thank ARB team (@BenWest @DisruptionJoe @shawn16400) is happy to share the charter for the Thank ARB Oversight Board that was passed on April 9th, 2024 with you. :slight_smile:

Thank ARB Oversight Board Charter

This Advisory Board, comprising distinguished members from the Arbitrum community and web3 experts, is dedicated to providing consultation, guidance, and insightful feedback to the Arbitrum grants ecosystem in order to ensure ongoing alignment with community objectives. This board embodies and reflects Arbitrum and Thrive’s commitment to a pluralistic and scalable grants process capable of driving significant value for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

Members of the Oversight Board are: coinflipcanada, DK_Premia, Gustav Arentoft, Krzysztof Urbański, Lindsey, Mashal, and Pepperoni_Jo3


  • Advise

    • Provide strategic feedback and guidance to enhance Arbitrum’s grant framework, ensuring alignment with DAO’s goals.
    • Review and advise on grant allocations, reward distributions, program scheduling, and milestone definitions to optimize effectiveness and alignment with community ethos.
    • Recommend strategies for using human validators and developing efficient reporting and proposal processes to facilitate progressive decentralization.
  • Oversight

    • Evaluate the impact of the Plurality Labs Grants Program in order to inform milestone 2.
    • Independently voice perspective on the performance of PL Grants program to the wider DAO.


  • Levels of oversight use an optimistic process to resolve
    • Grant Program Selection
      • All grant programs will be shared during a board meeting
      • If an objection is presented, then a vote will be taken
        • Under 250k ARB requires a majority vote to veto (4/7)
        • Over 250k ARB requires a majority vote to pass (4/7)
    • Grant Program Manager Selection - Advisory only
    • Plurality Labs Managed Grant Program’s Grant Selection
      • Under 20k ARB = Advisory only
      • Over 20k and Under 100k ARB requires a majority vote to veto (4/7)
      • Over 100k ARB requires a majority vote to pass (4/7)


  • Support the Thrive team in achieving strategic milestones without engaging in daily governance or management tasks.
  • Serve as a bridge between the Thrive team and the Arbitrum community, representing diverse interests to maintain alignment with the Arbitrum Grants Framework.
  • Board members commit to 4-8 hours monthly, with a minimum three-month engagement, and provide timely notice for any departure to ensure continuity.
  • Replacement / Abdication of duties
    • Request a 14 day notice
    • Thrive is responsible for finding a replacement
      • Replacement subject to majority approval (4/7)

Culture and Conduct

  • Members of this board shall be expected to foster an environment of trust, integrity, and transparency, conducive to open and constructive dialogue to accurately represent the diversity of the Arbitrum community.

Conflict of Interest

  • Board members are required to declare and abstain from any votes that would result in “material” financial gain for themselves.

  • Board members are encouraged to actively and honestly participate in discussion and votes regarding the Thank ARB program overall and should consider themselves “high context” community members with vitally important perspective to candidly share with the broader community.

  • Thrive team members are required to declare any perceived conflicts of interest and not bring forward any recommendations that could be perceived as conflict of interest

Per Diem

  • Per Diems of 1000 ARB per month will be made available to board members as recognition of the time they are volunteering on the board. These per diems will not be considered a conflict of interest in the context of voting on milestones or other overarching decisions.
    • Board members who have accepted the per diem are:
      • Gustav Arentoft
      • Mashal
      • Pepperoni_Jo3
    • Board members who have opted out of per diem are:
      • coinflipcanada
      • DK
      • Krzysztof UrbaĹ„ski

Decision-Making and Meetings

  • Participate in weekly meetings and discussion, aiming for rapid consensus on key decisions with briefing notes provided in advance.
  • Embrace an iterative approach to decision-making.

Independence and Feedback

  • Board participation is voluntary, with engagement in DAO votes seen as valuable context rather than a conflict of interest.
  • Members are encouraged to offer constructive feedback and critical assessments of resolutions brought forward by the Thrive team without fear of retribution, ensuring transparency and objectivity.

Success Metrics

  • Evaluate effectiveness through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for both programs and the board’s operations, incorporating self-assessment tools to enhance accountability and community engagement.
  • Commit to transparency, sharing insights and evaluations with the community to foster collective growth and understanding.