Thank ARB Program Update - Assessors Needed

As the progressive decentralization of our pluralistic grants program continues we have reached an exciting moment. We are now assembling a team of high-context community members to do assessments of grant proposals in the Firestarters program and the grant program proposals currently being considered as part of the RFP program.

We are looking to have a team of approximately 30-40 community members that would be considered “Tier 1 Reviewers”, in other words, people with high context and skill, with knowledge of the Arbitrum ecosystem. Preferably also with extensive knowledge of specific verticals such as expertise in web3 gaming, RWAs, oracle technology, etc.

Tier 1 Reviewers will be paid 100 ARB for each application review. We are considering payment for a talented plumber, the compensation is for your expertise and skill in completing a task properly, not the number of hours worked.

These are the reviewers we have shortlisted so far from those who applied for our Builder and Community Member badges. This group has begun initial reviews and will continue throughout this week and early next week as decisions are made for our RFP program.

Saurub Dehekale

Jason Windawi



Griff Green

Dan Rodman

Devansh Metah

Mashal Waqar


Sam Marin




Bold Panther

Rich Cuellar-Lopez


If you would like to be part of this team or have any concerns about any of the names on this list please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below or reach out via DM if you feel that would be more appropriate. Also if you are listed above and feel like you should not be considered a Tier 1 reviewer please also share below or reach out to me directly.

Please note all reviewers’ names will be public but the details of how each reviewer voted will not be made public to avoid shilling, personal attacks, bribery, or other tomfoolery. That being said aggregate scores, analysis, and commentary will be shared in order to illustrate this decentralized decision-making process. Our intention is to build in public and we appreciate your participation and feedback.

FYI, we are also looking to recruit Tier 2 reviewers to do what we call validations. This job is also very important, you will be doing a “first pass” assessing all projects to remove obvious spam or projects that clearly do not meet the eligibility criteria. This work is open to any new community members with an interest in getting involved in the process and working their way up to Tier 1 by demonstrating effectiveness and sharing useful insights. Tier 2 reviewers could advance to Tier 1 as early as the end of June as we analyze the effectiveness of the reviews being done.

Tier 2 Reviewers will receive 10 ARB for each review plus various additional rewards including collecting Thrive Points. Stay tuned for more information :wink:

If you are interested in being a Tier 2 reviewer please also comment below and tag me and we can get you onboarded. Also please tag any friends or community members you think might be interested in these opportunities or in learning more about this program.

Throughout the next 4 months there will be an ongoing stream of things needing assessment and validation as grant programs and grantees funded through Thank ARB reach their milestones of value creation and are assessed via these feedback loops we are building together.

By getting involved not only do you get to help shape how we allocate 3 million ARB this summer but also to be part of creating core building blocks of the web3 world as onchain reputation, attestation and impact certificates increasingly become a part of our day-to-day lives.

We have an opportunity to help Arbitrum DAO demonstrate leadership in this space by employing best practices for effective decentralized resource allocation and value creation.

Your ideas, feedback and participation is all very much appreciate.


Hey @BenWest,

I am interested in applying to be a “Tier 1 Reviewer” for the grant proposal assessments.

Please let me know if you need any other information from me for consideration.

I look forward to contributing my skills to ThankARB and this important review process.


Looking forward to contribute.

I have deep understanding of each proposal and stakeholder in the Arbitrum DAO, much have been formed by attending various community calls and PL-calls.

I would love to use these in action by knitting in the experience from reviewing & creating reports on grants of early seasons at Optimism.

Let me know if there are any formal qualifications required in order to contribute.



Hi, I want you to consider me as a Tier 1 reviewer
You can see my short reviews for Grants in my thread

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Hi there, this is cool. Could you please DM me on twitter and I will send you the intake forms:

@Blueweb FYI

Please DM me on Twitter and I will send you the intake forms.

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@BenWest this is absolutely fantastic. Very interested in becoming a Tier 1 reviewer, but will obviously love to proof competency by beginning as a tier 2 reviewer. What is the next step?

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@ocandocrypto you should consider this


Hey @BenWest bet i applied for Tier 1 and didn’t make the cut would be glad to start from bottom up a learning experience from Tier 2 consider this comment as an application for T2


Right on thanks Orcalos :wink:

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Hi, @BenWest. I am writing to express my interest in the Tier 2 Reviewer position. As an avid supporter of the Arbitrum ecosystem, I am enthusiastic about delving deeper into the Arbitrum DAO, despite being a newcomer. I am dedicated to the South Korean DAO ecosystem as the vice-champion of the Bankless Korea node. I recently launched a new Bankless Korea investment DAO. With a strong interest in the DAO and crypto ecosystems, I would like to contribute to expanding the Arbitrum ecosystem as a Tier 2 Reviewer.

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I’m not feeling like an expert, but i’m very committed and interested in the Arbitrum space. I’m interested to the TIER 2.
If there is a little room for governance, transparency or ethics in TIER 1, i have a medical degree and i’m a vocal for an ethical and research medical committee for human rights and medical research.
I’ve ran Gitcoin Grants for Mexican Builders and Projects, also i’m a Gitcoin Steward, Co-founder for some Mexican projects and actual Champion of Be-DAO the founders of Nacion Bankless.
@Jaf @fabiancripto Maybe you are also interested.


Hi @BenWest I am interested in being part of this team, I have been in the ecosystem for more than 4 years in which I have experienced in decentralization and governance, I am also one of the co-founders of Be-DAO, founders of Nacion Bankless, this last year I have gone more into governance and hand in hand with Be-DAO we have gone into the governance of different protocols such as Arbitrum, Push Protocol, Optimism, Starknet and so on.

I would love to be part of this team and continue helping decentralization, thank you very much @CryptoReuMD for the tag.


Hey @carlosjmelgar, looking forward to contribute.

I’d like to be part of Tier 1 reviewers. I’ve been part of the Arbitrum DAO since the beginning of the year and actively contributing here.

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Hi @BenWest,
I’d like to join the Tier 2 reviewers assessing projects and making Arbitrum community better.

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Thanks @CryptoReuMD :v:

I would love to be considered for the Tier 1 reviewers. I have played many different roles in multiple web3 grant programs over the past few years. Love what you are doing here.


Hi all, Hi @BenWest

I am interested in applying to be a “Tier 1 Reviewer ” for the grant proposal assessment.
My skills and knowledge are around DeFi and gaming.

I am an Aave delegate and have been active in DeFi since Ethlend times.
I am also active in gaming like the upcoming Xborg DAO or Illuvium.

Thank you and let me know if you need anything else.

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I would love to help review projects. I will send you a DM on X. Thanks!


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Hello @BenWest

I would like to be a tier 1 reviewer. I send you a message on Twitter. @iheme_jonathan

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