Use Hedgey for Arbitrum Foundation's Grants program

Use Hedgey to distribute and manage grants for the Arbitrum Foundation’s grants program

Note: I originally posted this in Sabliers grants thread but moved it over to a separate Topic to have better discussions. Fundamentally, I think having an RFP approach to selecting any service provider is the healthiest approach and would welcome Sablier to copy/paste their topic in this thread as well as any other service provider share their grants tooling. Ultimately the best outcome for the DAO is one where all options are discussed together.

Background on Hedgey
Hedgey creates onchain token streaming products and over the last two years has worked with Gitcoin, Shapeshift, Celo, Index Coop, BanklessDAO and other great DAOs to create vesting, lockups, and grants solution through our free, public goods solutions. We have over 6000 live streams/lockups and are audited by Consensys Diligence.

History supporting Arbitrum
Hedgey has been supporting the Arbitrum ecosystem with our free public goods tooling for over a year and has since been continuing to support the Arbitrum ecosystem with solutions that help DAOs and protocols deploy and grow on Arbitrum.

Why should Arbitrum use Hedgey?

  1. Hedgey is a token streaming solution that allows grant issuers to set up one or multiple grants in a single transaction and reduce the management overhead by the foundation while streamlining grant issuance and management for recipients. Both issuers and recipients have feature-complete platforms to track and manage grants.
  2. Hedgey allows grant issuers to distribute grants via stream. These grants can be both revocable or non-revocable, pay out in continuous streams(every second) or periodically (weekly, monthly,) and can include hyper-customized features in grant creation. New grants cost pennies to create and can be created individually or up to 40 in a single transaction.
  3. Hedgey allows grant issuers to optionally create and share public dashboards where an entire grant program can be shared with the broader DAO. Here is a demo public dashboard featuring Arbitrum.

Select reasons to use Hedgey Grants as a long term solution

  1. Hedgey Grants can be set as transferable, non-transferable, and transferable-by-admin only. This is a small but significant configuration in how grant recipients are able to interact with revocable grants. Should the DAO not want recipients to transfer or sell revocable grants they will be able to restrict those rights on Hedgey.
  2. Hedgey is completely free with no fee switch. There will never be fees to use Hedgey Grants.
  3. Hedgey allows grant issuers to (optionally) add onchain governance rights to locked/vesting token grants. Should Arbitrum want grant recipients to participate in governance with their grants, they will be able to allow it.

Total Cost
Hedgey is a 100% free public good. There are no fees and there is no fee switch.

Hedgey is audited by Consensys Diligence. We are trusted by incredible orgs like Gitcoin, Celo, IndexCoop, Shapeshift and 50+ other DAOs with over 6000 streams/lockups.

Hedgey has been a long time supporter of Arbitrum and is mission driven to help Arbitrum continue to grow and prosper by supporting your grants program. We have a secure, simple solution and as the teams mentioned above will vouch for, we will go hands-on, above and beyond to create an incredible experience for our users and partners. Should we be selected as the sole or co grants solution we will continue building out the products and features to make the grants program on Arbitrum incredible for everyone.

Thank you for your consideration and support.



Roman from Savvy DeFi here. We have received tremendous support from the Hedgey team when we needed assistance managing how to send payments and tokens via their Hedgey Finance NFTs. Even the team uses them for their allocation. Hedgey has been an enormous supporter and deserves more visibility. Awesome team.


Alec here from SperaxDAO and

We have worked with Hedgey before at SperaxDAO to execute our DAO to DAO token swap - the Hedgey team was extremely hands on and helped us through the whole process including marketing after the swap.

Big supporter of this proposal for the Arbitrum community


Hedgey is legit. Worked with them on some OG blockchains where his governance tools were hugely helpful. Lindsey and his co-founders are good dudes.


I’m a big fan of Hedgey and would voice my support for this 100% - I have had great experiences with both the solutions they’ve built for usage from a DAO capacity as well as the interactions w/ the team behind them, and I’ve been fortunate to use their streaming solutions in several functions for over a year now.

Evwrything has been A+ support from the team when we encountered any questions or potential roadblocks when executing the first DAO-2-DAO swap on Arbitrum last year, and also, a great experience using/troubleshooting any items involved with compensating DAO contributors via token locks. On Layer2 scaling networks such as Arbitrum, these sort of web3 solutions like Hedgey are few and far between, and Hedgey stands out in my view in a stellar way here, a great option for this proposed use case.



I made a quick loom video with an Arbitrum-themed expereince to show what the token grants product looks like for grant issuers, recipients, and the broader DAO. If you want to see what it looks like to create, manage, and share grants on Hedgey this is video -