Why I can't vote?


I have more than 30ARB tokens on metamask and I can’t vote…
What I have to do more to have this possibility?


  • For voting on chain (Tally site) you need to delegate the voting power to yourself beforehand.

  • For voting on a regular temperature check vote (Snapshot site) you need to hold your voting power (ARB token) at the time the snapshot for that vote is taken.

If you can’t vote right now I guess is because you are missing some of the requirements listed above.

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What do you mean here? I’m holding those tokens and voting is still open today.

Get in the proposal you want to vote and check at the Information box. Below the End date you can see in which block the snapshot was taken. It’s not about holding the ARB tokens today but having held them at the moment the snapshot took place.

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Ah ok. So I cant vote now anyway :frowning: there is like more than 90 proposals :frowning:

Hey @DarkOscillator you also need to delegate the ARB tokens to yourself. Once the tokens are delegated, then it can be used in future proposals for voting.