WINR Protocol Bi-Weekly Update 13.2.2024

WINR Protocol Bi-Weekly Update 13.02.2024

Recap of the Program

ARB Received During Program Disbursements: 499,850

  • WLP Incentives: 199,940 (40%)
  • JustBet Lottery Incentives: 149,955 (30%)
  • DegensBet Trading Incentives: 149,955 (30%)
  • Total: 499,850

Contracts incentivized over the last week:
gWLP & WLP Airdrop Root Set: 0x02096E51673ca0Af815234c94e7ba23F9e00C365
JustBet Lottery & Degens Contest Airdrops: 0xAd6795cb75E02D7fe8d336B3Fff855F276Afc385
JustBet Lottery Raffle Contract: 0x02096E51673ca0Af815234c94e7ba23F9e00C365

**Contract address label Form 1 completed for all addresses: Completed

ARB left over: 0

Plan for leftover ARB: All allocated ARBs are distributed

Summary of incentives: WINR Protocol has been allocated a total of 499,850 ARB tokens, designated for providing user incentives. This incentive period is set to span 13 weeks, commencing from November 13, 2023. During this time, users have the opportunity to earn ARB rewards by engaging in games on JustBet or initiating trades on DegensBet. Additionally, users may opt to contribute liquidity in the WLP to qualify for ARB incentives.

Additional Info / Disclosures to Multisig: N/A


Average daily TVL: $3,750,182

Average daily transactions: 7301 Tx

a. JustBet: 6923 Tx
b. DegensBet: 378 Tx

Average daily volumes:

Number of unique user addresses: 2,912

Transaction fees: 0.0002 ETH - 0.0005 ETH

Link to Dashboard showing metrics:

Plan For the Next Two Weeks:

Amount of ARB to be distributed: The program has finalized

Mechanism for distribution incentives:

1. WLP & gWLP - Weekly Liquidity Provider Rewards

Total Weekly Allocation: 15,400 ARB

Structure: Rewards under the gWLP & WLP category are allocated for WLP (Winr Liquidity Pool) and gWLP (Genesis Winr Liquidity Pool) contributors and are disbursed on a weekly schedule according to weight in the pool.

2. JustBet (JB) Lottery Rewards:

Total Weekly Allocation: 11,500 ARB


First Place: 6,930 ARB (60%)

Second Place: 3,465 ARB (30%)

Third Place: 1,155 ARB (10%)

Mechanism: For every 10+ USD wagered, participants earn one lottery ticket. The winners are determined through a verifiable random function (VRF) call at the end of each week.

3.a Degens Contest Rewards:

Total Weekly Allocation: 8,085 ARB

Total Allocation for Top 5 in Trading Volume:

First Place: 8,085 ARB (70%)

Second Place: 3,234 ARB (40%)

Third Place: 2,021.25 ARB (25%)

Fourth Place: 1,212.75 ARB (15%)

Fifth Place: 808.5 ARB (10%)

Criteria: The rewards are determined based on the highest trading volumes achieved on the platform.

3.b Rewards for Top 5 Most Profitable Users Weekly:

Total Allocation: 3,465 ARB (30%)


First Place: 1,386 ARB (40%)

Second Place: 866.25 ARB (25%)

Third Place: 519.75 ARB (15%)

Fourth Place: 346.5 ARB (10%)

Fifth Place: 346.5 ARB (10%)

Criteria: This category rewards the top five users who achieve the highest profitability each week.

Summary of incentives plan: Program has finalized

Summary of changes to the original plan: Program has finalized