[Wormhole][FINAL][STIP - Round 1]

@Matt_StableLab @cliffton.eth @eli_defi – we are ready to proceed to [Final] status.


Blockworks Research supports this proposal and finds the updated request of 1.8M ARB to be justified based on, among other things, the anticipated sustainable impact on, and goodwill to, the ecosystem, metrics such as TVL / volume / fees on Arbitrum and overall, a comparative analysis of all submitted STIP proposals, the distribution of incentives across verticals, as well as, to a certain extent, the recommendations made by the Arbitrum Working Group through the four grant categories.


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A bit late but just wanted to add here that Wormhole was Pendle’s bridge of choice between Ethereum and BNB Chain. We’ve spent a lot of research and Uniswap Foundation’s assessment was also very helpful. Wormhole’s lindyness works in its favor with its age and post-exploit improvements. They also have a lot of reputable auditors in their line up. Ultimately, they are still here, providing a net good in the space.

We kindly thank Wormhole for this proposal on the Arbitrum Short-Term Incentive Program. Even though Wormhole is a great alternative when it comes to bridging solutions, there are still several options that would most probably cost way less than 1.8M ARB tokens.

Therefore, as ITU Blockchain we vote against this proposal.

Good afternoon! @Wormhole_Foundation Can I participate in this program?