20 Mar 2024 - Open Discussion of Proposals Governance Call

Hey everyone! Inserting a call here because there are quite a few notable discussions and proposals in the pipeline that have gotten good traction. The link to join the call is on the governance calendar.

Date: 20 March 2024
Time: 4:00 pm UTC

Here’s a fluid agenda I’ve put together. For authors and/or key contributors of these proposals, it’d be amazing if you can include a tl;dr of your proposal / discussion in the comments so delegates can review them and prepare their questions for the call.


1/ Security Council Elections Ongoing - @cliffton.eth

2/ Catalyze Arbitrum Gaming: HADOUKEN! - @Djinn @karelvuong

3/ Front-end interface to force transaction inclusion during sequencer downtime - @Gonzacolo

4/ Double-Down on STIP Successes (STIP-Bridge) - @SavvyDAO

5/ Expand Tally Support for the Arbitrum DAO - @Frisson

6/ RnDAO proposal for an Arbitrum Collab Tech Business Cluster - @danielo

7/ Update from LTIPP - program manager and advisors - @Matt_StableLab , @JoJo , @CastleCapital , @SEEDGov

8/ Update for ETHBucharest - @ZER8

If you have any other items you’d like to add, please comment below, and I’ll add those in.


Excited for this call!

Tally proposal tl;dr
Tally has contributed to the Arbitrum DAO as a service provider since the DAO was created one year ago, serving as the home for onchain governance, security council elections , and delegation. We’ve gathered feedback about how we can improve our support for Arbitrum through many conversations over the past year with DAO stakeholders including delegates, contributors, and Foundation representatives. We propose to expand our support for the Arbitrum DAO by improving the proposal process, upgrading the Governor contracts, and highlighting delegate contributions. We also propose to ensure that the DAO is set up for success by researching specifications for partial delegation and shielded voting.


Hello everyone,

The proposals on the agenda are of high relevance to Arbitrum.
I’m looking forward to attending the Open Discussion.

For my part, I’ve been working hard to resolve doubts and push this proposal forward:

It’s already available at Snapshot

Therefore, I will also be available to present the proposal and debate any point you consider relevant.


Where will the calls be held?

Hey thanks for the heads up! Sorry I missed this. I’ll include this as an agenda item for the call.


Hey @ruslanklinkov this will be held on Google Meet. You can find details on the governance calendar - ArbitrumDAO Governance Community Calendar

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TLDR on RnDAO Proposal:
We’re proposing to extend the Co.Lab program (venture building on Arbitrum focused on collaboration tech. Pilot funded by Plurality Labs).

Collab Tech is an $800bn market opportunity by 2030, already a strong contributor to sequencer fees (e…g Quest Protocol being #1 fees generator), a relatively uncompeted vertical, and also yields tools and insights that support projects in other verticals with better Ops and Governance. Thus being an ideal complement to other key verticals such as Gaming and DeFi.

RnDAO’s CoLab program also provides multiple innovations in the way that funds are deployed:

  • increasing network effects (talent attraction, project attraction and retention, etc) thanks to facilitating deep collaboration between ventures (integrations, cross-selling, co-marketing, etc.),
  • and reducing the failure rate of projects through systematic user-centered approaches (user and market research to validate problems before building, etc.).

This proposal positions Arbitrum as a market leader for this vertical, with positive spillover effects on the whole ecosystem.


thank u, sir :saluting_face: I’ll try to be there.



The proposal outlines the creation of a front-end interface (and back-end) to allow users to submit transactions on Arbitrum during Sequencer outages.

This initiative aims to boost trust (everything will be opensource) and autonomy within the Arbitrum ecosystem, aligning with its decentralization objectives.

The project, set to take approximately 4.25 months for completion, encompasses stages of research, development, design, and extensive testing, with an additional commitment to two years of service and maintenance.

Our ultimate goal is to assure users that this alternative route is effective, alleviating concerns about the sequencer’s failure to process transactions, whether due to censorship or downtime.

Looking forward for the call and have a smol ask…it would be great if we had a couple of minutes to share/chat about the Eth Bucharest event. I know that overall this is a very smol event, but seeing that the DAO has the premium package there and no one stepped up to discuss this -I kinda took it on myself to make this into a reality.


1.Booth is being created atm and will be branded as “Arbitrum DAO”, merch is on its way to Bucharest, I will be there, would be great if you have frens that also want to vibe there :slight_smile:

  1. Hackathon: I made a post about this in the Grants Connect telegram channel, but so far haven’t received any comments. I don’t think we should let the 2000$ go to waist and use em to build something
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Added ETHBucharest as a line item on the agenda sir.

Hey everyone, thanks again for dialing into the session!

Recording: Open Discussion of Proposal(s) - Governance Call (2024-03-21 00:06 GMT+8) - Google Drive

As always, if you have any questions wrt any of the proposals discussed during the call, please comment directly in the respective forum post(s) and the authors of the proposal and/or other contributors can help provide answers.

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