4 Jun 2024 - Open Discussion of Proposals Governance Call

Hey folks!

The link to join the governance call to discuss the proposal pipeline and notable discussions is on the governance calendar .

Date: Jun 3, 2024

Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm UTC

Link to join: https://meet.google.com/kvr-bpnx-zix

The agenda below will be fluid. For authors and/or key contributors of these proposals, it would be helpful if you could include a tl;dr / update of your proposal / discussion in the comments so delegates can review them and prepare their questions for the call.

For the ‘proposals up for voting’, as they have been covered in previous governance calls, they will be covered relatively quickly to see if attendees have any questions. Accordingly, most of the call will be used to cover ‘notable discussions’ on proposals.

Tentative Agenda

Proposals up for Voting

Notable Discussions

If anyone has any other items to add, please comment below so they can be added to the agenda.


Thank you for the invitation :slightly_smiling_face:. I won’t be able to attend the governance call, but I’m available for any questions about my proposal via Telegram or phone 24/7/365. Let’s move forward with the discussions!

I will be there!

Can’t wait to discuss our proposal. Giving arbitrum DAO the ability to more safely borrow stablecoins with confidence is going to be like a super power.

Meeting recording: Open Discussion of Proposal(s) - Bi-weekly Governance Call (2024-06-05 00:06 GMT+8) - Google Drive