404 DAO Delegate Communication Thread

Our reasoning for voting decisions over the last 2 weeks:

Subsidy Fund for Security Services (Snapshot)

Based on the scope of this proposal, we have decided to vote FOR “1 cohort of 8 weeks, $2.5M fund” as we would like to see the results of a first cohort before funding multiple. We are supportive of a security audit subsidy and have seen similar ideas on funding ecosystem wide support services for new projects. However, we do share some concerns on the size of the fund, cost per audit, and current structure and are pleased to see the ADPC working to address these concerns since the successful passing of the Snapshot vote. Overall we believe the best path forward is testing + iteration.

Delegate to Voter Enfranchisement Pool — Event Horizon (Snapshot)

As mentioned above, we have been working with the Event Horizon team to help them refine their proposal and posted it to Snapshot on their behalf. We have voted FOR with posted reasoning below:

Safeguarding Software Developers’ Rights & the Right to Privacy (Snapshot)

We have voted FOR funding a contribution to DEF and CoinCenter with the following allocation “12.5% 500,000 and 87.5% 1,000,000”. The work done by DEF and Coin Center is critical to the longevity and success of the crypto industry. As a leader in the industry, we believe Arbitrum should signal a position of strength and support for these efforts.

The split between 12.5% and 87.5% was the result of internal opinions by 404 DAO team members on how much funding should go to these efforts. Given the way the Snapshot was set up, we were able to directly reflect each member’s opinion vs our normal procedure of a majority opinion.

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